2024 Toyota GR Camry Ushers In Next-Generation Model With Sportier CGI Look

The Toyota Camry, which remains North America’s best-selling passenger car after two decades—it’s also the fifth top seller worldwide—is turning 40 this year. While its maker only seems to deliver minor updates for the time being, we could see Toyota introducing an all-new Camry next year. And this digital proposal brings forth a 2024 Camry sporting the kind of dynamic styling cues we’ve seen on the recent Crown Sport concept, hence out GR Camry take (more on this below).

The current Camry entered production in the summer of 2017 (2018MY). And, if we follow the rather short life cycles of its predecessors, along with the industry’s ever-increasing demand for new models, there are serious reasons to expect a ninth-generation Camry next year.

Given the said life cycle and the fact that Toyota has employed a redesigned TNGA: GA-K platform for the present model, the 2024 Camry is expected to retain the architecture. For the record, the platform underpins a vast number of Toyota and Lexus models, including crossovers.

Time for a bit of a Toyota Crown detour

One of these platform mates of the Camry is the upmarket Crown. Earlier this month, Toyota presented the complete next-gen Crown family by showcasing four production-ready concepts, each with its own body style. We’re looking at the Crown Crossover (a lifted sedan), Crown Sport (a wagon), Crown Sedan (a traditional sedan), and Crown Estate (a mix between a station wagon and a crossover).

In its home market, the Toyota Crown was born back in the 1950s and has enjoyed fifteen generations to date (the U.S. only briefly received the model before the 1970s). And while the said model, which will be the sixteen iteration, is a global one, not all markets will get the complete family. For one, North America will only receive the Crown Crossover (at least initially). And, given that, for instance, the Crown Sport is the most eye-catching one of them all, that’s a shame.

However, this rendering borrows most of the Crown Sport’s design features, applying them to the current Camry, with the Nightshade Edition the sedan received for 2023 serving as the starting point. And we’ll thank digital artist Theottle for the work. While we’re at it, here’s one for you: have you ever compared the Crown Sport and the leaked photos/spyshot-based rendering of Ferrari’s upcoming Purosangue crossover?

The rumors about a GR Camry are going strong

Over the course of the previous decade, the design of the average car has become increasingly aggressive. And while that may be appealing to many, if not most, eyes, it’s strange to see such an evolution not backed by similar improvements on the driving experience front.

You can see where this is going—we’re building an argument for the fan-requested (2024) Toyota GR Camry. This could join the growing Toyota Gazoo Racing family. The company’s GR arm has evolved from the relatively undercover motorsport operation it was back in 2007 when it debuted to a full-blown division. And, as far as dedicated road models go, the current range includes—in the order of their debut—the Supra, Yaris, and Corolla.

In a bid to further increase efficiency, Toyota could axe the current top engine of the Camary, which is a 3.5L N/A V6 making 300 hp. However, all all-out GR Camry could be powered by the supercharged 3.5L V6 the Japanese company makes (yes, this is the motor employed by the Lotus Emira, the British marque’s final combustion-only model).

Hybrid engines across the 2024 Camry range

GR desire aside, the 2024 Toyota Camry could replace the current car’s V6 with a new turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder. Note that the company also makes a hybridized version of the motor, which sends its power to all four wheels. And, given Toyota’s dedication to gas-electric powerplants, you can also expect a plug-in hybrid Camry.

Since the new Camry isn’t expected to grow, at least not significantly, the cabin should maintain its current dimensions. Nevertheless, the interior should be more tech-laden, while the perceived quality of the materials is also expected to improve.

One of the Camry’s main rivals, the Honda Accord, has been confirmed to receive a new generation for 2024, with this rendering providing a hint on this Japanese sedan’s appearance.



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