2023 Honda Civic Type R Pricing Revealed, Most Expensive FWD Hot Hatch Is in Sports Car Territory

Pricing for the all-new and hotly anticipated 2023 Honda Civic Type R has been announced, and it’s shockingly expensive. The hot hatch starts from $43,990 including destination ($1,095), which is more than $5,000 extra compared to the last model year, and that’s just the MSRP.

New car prices are constantly going up because of tight supply, on top of that dealer markups are rampant at the moment. So it’s quite likely that Type Rs will sell for $60k during the first few months.

Honda claims that it’s still great value, even at $44,000 because this is the most powerful car they’ve ever produced. However, at 315 hp and 310 pound-feet of torque (420 Nm), the upgrade is just 9 hp and 15 lb-ft (20 Nm) over the previous model.

Along with the pricing information, we also got other details that are slightly less important. For example, the EPA numbers for the 2023 Civic Type R state that it will do 22 mpg city, 28 mpg highway and 24 mpg combined, which means it can be a great daily driver. Also, the turbo system generates boost over a wider rev range thanks to the more efficient exhaust system, so the car will make peak power more often.

Civic Type R rivals, from cheap to expensive

The Civic Type R just recently returned to the American hot hatch segment, with the 2018 model year if we remember correctly. And in that short time, it’s built a solid reputation for itself as one of the Top 3 cars to buy.

At $44,000, the 2023 Type R is now tied with the quickest car in the segment, which is the 2022 VW Golf R. They make exactly the same power, but the AWD system installed on the German car separates the two. It makes the Golf about 300 lbs heavier but also quicker to 50 mph (5.4 seconds vs. 4.9 seconds for the manual Golf R).

The greatest “hot hatch” value is well below this $44k threshold. For $30k, you can get a 241 horsepower Golf GTI, but our recommendation would be the 276 horsepower Hyundai Elantra N. Yeah, it’s not a hatchback, but it’s so much more practical than a Veloster or Kona.

The Elantra N starts at about $32,000 with a manual, and if you spend a little extra for the DCT option, there’s a chance you could win drag races against the new Type R.

If you want something more famous than a Hyundai, you can get a 2022 Subaru WRX for around $30,000. It’s honestly not that great out of the box, but the low price leaves plenty of money for mods.

Upcoming Type R rivals: GR Corolla, Acura Integra Type S

In theory, the Toyota GR Corolla is cheaper than the 2023 Civic Type R, as it starts from around $37,000. This almost unique hot hatch is like a rally car for the road and is powered by a 300 hp 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine. However, supply is very limited, making it almost impossible to buy.

We recently spied the new Acura Integra Type S undergoing testing. Underneath the skin, it’s the same car as the Civic Type R, even matching the exhaust system. However, because it’s built like a premium car, it could end up costing closer to $48,000.

Shocking, right? And that’s always been the problem with modern hot hatches. The more stuff you add to make them better, the more they push into sports car territory. Even the most diehard Type R enthusiast might gravitate towards a $53,000 Toyota GR Supra, the new Nissan Z, or even a $50,000 Mustang Dark Horse.



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