1972 “Bone Dog” Chevy Chevelle Is a Turbodiesel Mad Max Take From Canada

While we wait for Mad Max franchise director George Miller to bring us the Furiosa spin-off in the wake of the coveted Fury Road, a move scheduled for 2024, we’re here to take you to another country for an original take on the MM universe. Enter the 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle nicknamed Bone Dog, which is a product of Canada.

When most enthusiasts think of the classic muscle car symbol that is the Chevelle, the second generation built for the 1968-1972 model years, is generally the one that comes to mind.

However, this contraption is unlike anything GM offered back in the day, since, you know, it packs a lift kit and a turbodiesel V8, albeit with the latter being of the General Motors kind.

As the unnamed Canadian owner of the Bone Dog Chevelle shows in multiple Instagram posts, the Mad Max series has been a serious source of inspiration for this build—the man even does MM cosplay with his custom muscle monster.

Like the Mad Max Pursuit Special 1973 Aussie Ford Falcon XB GT that was a road warrior (pun intended) in the first two movies and became a lifted beast for the fourth one—it wasn’t present in movie #3—this Chevrolet Chevelle now sits considerably higher.

Up front, the Chevy features a 4-inch lift, riding on 31-inch tires. As for the posterior, this has been brought 7 inches closer to the sky, while featuring 33-inch rubber.

As you can notice in the image gallery, this bad boy is no stranger to rust, which is probably why it features sheet metal door panels.

The cabin has been mostly stripped and now accommodates a pro car driver’s seat, along with custom pieces featuring a post-apocalyptic take, such as the various gauges.

Sure, the Bone Dog Chevelle is a V8, but it doesn’t run on gas

Protruding through the hood of this ’72 Chevelle, we find a 395 ci (6.5L) V8, an indirect-injection motor Detroit Diesel built under the GM umbrella between 1992 and 2000.

From the factory, these big oil burners are quite underpowered, but our amateur Mad Max fixed that with the help of an LB7 Duramax turbocharger. And the DIY look of the plumbing is the icing on the cake.

The engine is mated to a GM 4L80-E four-speed automatic that uses an American shifter trans mount upgrade and Jake’s Performance controller.

It’s clear that the aficionado has put tons of work into the Bone Dog Chevelle. And when was the last time you witnessed somebody being this excited about the latest upgrades performed on their vehicle (check out the video below)?



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