Rotary-Swapped Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R Hides 4-Rotor Behind Raucous Widebody

While Nissan decides the fate of the GT-R (with the new Z car already out, they can hopefully move quicker), Japanese widebody specialist Liberty Walk continues to take Godzilla to new heights. This time around, the company has rotary-swapped an R35 and is preparing to place this one of the best stages out there, namely the 2022 Formula Drift Japan.

With Christmas just around the corner, companies around the world are celebrating and throwing those juicy bonuses around. And Liberty Walk is no different—as shown in the YouTube clip below, they’re throwing a massive party to celebrate their Formula Drift Japan podium for the 2021 season (3rd place), among others. And the cake comes in the form of the beast described above.

Anybody can take the LB-Silhouette WORKS GT 35GT-RR aero pack developed by the company can apply it to such a Nissan—providing they have some $75,000 to spend if opting for the carbon version.

Between you and me, there’s also a life hack here, one I’ve already turned to, as the top of my desk can confirm: buying the Hot Wheels version of the GT-R sporting such a kit.

Joking aside, since this is the developer’s competition car, the trick is well tucked under all that aero: the tech details are scarce at the moment, but you’ll be able to feast your eyes on the four-rotor screamer in the video.

The guy with that sky-high collar? That’s Wataru Kato, company founder and it looks like he’s also pretty good with parties.

At this level of slip angle performance, drivers often work with north of 1,000 horsepower, so you know what to expect from this Nissan GT-R.

Oh, and if anybody’s sorry that the beast has lost its infamous turbocharged V6, the high-pitched voice of the rotary unit might just convince them to change their mind.

Besides, one can always look for the opposite in terms of engine transplants. For instance, I’ll fully-heartedly recommend the latest form of the PistachioFd, which sees this SEMA-famous Mazda RX-7 getting a Mercedes V12.



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