First Fully Molded Street Hunter Widebody Mk V Supra Kicks It Old-School

Ever since the 2019 SEMA show, which saw dozens of modded Mk V Toyota Supras taking over the floor of the Las Vegas event, the German-Japanese sports car has continued to extend its aftermarket appeal. And while the Street Hunter widebody kit was among the first introduced for the machine at the said show, the time has now come to see the first fully molded installation.

Back in the 2000s when the Mk IV Supra was cementing its status as a tuner icon, not least thanks to its halo car role in the OG Fast and Furious movie, molded widebody kits were all the rage. And, as we discussed when comparing a Top Secret widebody-wearing Mk IV to one that’s been modded according to contemporary aesthetic standards, these days many enthusiasts prefer add-on overfenders.

Sure, the add-on bits are easier to install, but the new generation of enthusiasts is also taking pride in the rough look given by their visible rivets.

The Street Hunter kit is a collab involving Los Angeles-based aftermarket developer Street Fighter and vlogger TJ Hunt, who was among the first to install air suspension and other mods on the A90 Supra when this entered production in 2019. It’s also worth noting this series extends to contemporary sportscars like the 2023 Nissan Z (only the Formula Drift kit is out for now) and the 2022 Subaru BRZ.

This is a standout A90 Supra build

Returning to this example of the Toyota, which is the first molded Street Hunter installation, not the first Mk V modded in this fashion, owner Andrew (aka kernelanders_) commissioned Maryland-based Auto Performance Aesthetics Center (APAC) to handle the project.

And, in addition to the SH kit, which includes the Mk IV Supra TRD-inspired wing and custom side skirts, the car has been fitted with a vented hood. Most of the real estate is covered in a mesmerizing shade of blue, but there are also plenty of carbon details.

And, for the paint aficionados among you, we’ll mention the said specialist applied two coats of L01 grey gound coat, 4.5 coats of the base blue hue, and 4 coats of clear.

Of course, the air suspension and the custom wheels, which, by the way, will be replaced soon, also help with the standout look of the Supra.

With all its shortcomings, the Supra remains a blast

Many enthusiasts continue to point their fingers at the Supra for its busy design and its BMW powertrains. And while it’s true that the styling of the Toyota is not as impressive as that of the FT-1 concept that previewed it, the Bavarian hardware should count as an asset, even before the rumored M3/M4-engined Supra GRMN arrives.

Besides, in this crossover- and electrification-dominated era, we’re more than glad to see the Supra alive and kicking, while cool-spec, unmodded examples of the car should also become collectible in twenty years from now.



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