2023 Honda Civic Type R Subjected to First Dyno Test, Makes More Power Than Claimed

Deliveries of the all-new 2023 Honda Civic Type R have begun. It’s already the “most powerful Honda production vehicle ever sold” in America. But the K20C1 actually makes a little more power than the advertised 315 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque.

Specialist ECU tuner Hondata has managed to get its hands on one of the first Type R examples and strapped it to its specialist hub dyno. The result: this engine actually makes 327.30 horsepower and 359.53 pound-feet of peak torque.

The results may be a little surprising, but they’re also consistent with what the old model made. a 2017 Civic Type R delivered 316.75 hp and 334.1 pound-feet, meaning it’s 11 hp and 25 lb-ft below this new one. This gives Hondata a nice baseline to work with as they rush to squeeze more out of the turbocharged four-cylinder.

Officially, the 2023 model is only supposed to be up 9 hp and 15 torque over its 2017-2021 predecessor. But the results aren’t surprising because the Type R is now made at a different factory in Japan where they advertise it at 330 PS or 325 hp.

Hondata’s off-the-shelf reflash is a simple way to extract more power. You just plug the FlashPro into your car’s OBDII port and update the ECO. With the old FK8 Type R, that gave you about 22 hp and 44 lb-ft. But they also offer a simple fuel system upgrade for even more gains.

The K20 engine has been carried over from the previous generation to this 2023 model. However, key upgrades were made, as it has a redesigned turbocharger and a more efficient exhaust system. The Type R now has a lighter flywheel and the RPM at which the exhaust valves open has been changed, making this a more rev-happy experience.

As we’ve mentioned in our previous comparison story, the FK5 comes with 19-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S performance tires which are 0.8 of an inch wider than before. Further helping the front wheels cope with the power is Honda’s dual-axis strut front suspension. The only question is how they will justify the existence of the Integra Type S, which should even more expensive.



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