Porsche 928 Hits Dyno With Screw Blown 9.8-Liter SMX, Makes 2,600 HP

The Porsche 928 is better known as the sports car that tried to replace the 911. Beautiful, classic, and well-designed are all words that can be used to describe it. However, we’d never imagine a Porsche 928 could also be a dragster before seeing this heavily customized beast.

Dallas drag racer Danny Humphreys has been using a blue 928 dubbed “Super Shark” to create all kinds of mayhem over the past 20 years. In the 2000s, he was contesting the 10.5 Outlaw class in the Porsche sports car, which had its original German-made engine swapped out for something more suitable for quarter-mile speed.

Back then, it featured a built Whipple-blown 532ci big-block which could run on methanol but was also street-ready with a regular gas tune. From what I can gather, there was also a version that used a real Porsche V8 in a twin 88mm turbo custom layout. However, Danny wasn’t happy with what the “World’s Quickest 928” could do and switched things up. Now, the 928 wants to play with the big boys in the 275 drag radial class and an extreme engine is needed.

The front end now tries its best to make room for a 572 cubic-inch SMX motor. This is one of Steve Morris Engineering’s famous built racing motors, a 9.8-liter monster, all-billet, fully water jacketed. Things didn’t stop there, as a few extra pieces create a watchtower of power on top. That blue stuff is a R980 Whipple supercharger, followed up with a towering JDF Performance F6 Inductor injector hat.

Basically, it looks like a tractor-pulling setup. But unlike those things, the Porsche has another set of injectors for the street. Currently, the car has 16 massive injectors for methanol, but a billet intake has been custom-made and it has room for eight more underneath, for pump gas. Steve Morris is putting in the work on the dyno, slowly bumping up the numbers. Currently, it’s making about 2,600 horsepower and 2,500 lb-ft of torque, but it’s just a provisional tune. They’re going to really dial it in at the track, where she could eventually make something like 3,500 hp.

It’s amazing when you can clearly see the Porsche 928 stock firewall is still there. The rear hatch is also open, and that doesn’t really scream “drag racing” either. Can you still put golf clubs in this thing?



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