Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Twin-Turbo Shelby F-150, Compound Boost Coming

Why would you not compound boost the hell out of a… Hellcat? This is the kind of question that seems perfectly normal on social media nowadays, so the 2020 Challenger Hellcat Widebody sitting before us is on its way to receiving a pair of turbos that will basically blow air into its supercharger. However, the boost junkies over at the itsjusta6 YouTube channel, who own the Mopar, decided to put the stock vehicle to a little test before modding it, hence the race mentioned in the title.

The truck that battled the Hellcat wasn’t your regular Blue Oval rig, but a Shelby F-150 Super Snake sport that used to come with the basic setup, namely a 5.0L N/A V8 churning out 395 horsepower.

Nevertheless, the guys strapped a Hellion twin-turbo kit to the thing and, as shown in one of their previous videos, the setup allowed the Coyote to deliver up to 805 horsepower at the rear wheels (well over 900 hp at the crank) on the most aggressive boost setup, which involved sipping on E85.

Well, that kind of muscle is more than what the stock internals of the five-oh motor like to handle (the figure might vary depending on the source, but you can use 750 crank hp as the maximum output for the said form of the V8). This is why the truck is normally used featuring a less monstrous setup—remember, this Shelby came with a price of around $86,000 (€74,150 at the current exchange rates) before the TT stuff was added.

This also applied during the battle against the Hellcat, which involved a few rolling battles that saw the super-truck rolling around on pump gas—please steer clear of such public road adventures and head over to the drag strip when you’re in the mood for competitive hooning, okay?

Unlike the F-150, the Hellcat is a manual, so once you head over to the video below, be prepared to see some sharp gear rowing, the kind of action that can help one pass the time while the 6.2L HEMI under the hood of this F8 Green Challenger gets its turbos installed.



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