7s Nissan GT-R “Hello Kitty” Drag Races Built Dodge Demon, Almost Nails It

A proper way to introduce children to drag racing while enjoying it yourself, this is how we’d label the recent battle between YouTuber Demonology’s built Dodge Demon and the Hello Kitty Nissan GT-R, a 7s machine driven by Luna Tran. After all, we’re dealing with a Beauty vs. the Beast tale here.

The two got together during the first weekend of this month following a vlogger callout, bringing their machines to the Texas Motorplex drag strip.

While the Dodge Demon of YouTuber Demonology (Herman Young) is a constant social media presence thanks to the countless quarter-mile quests it performs, the Hello Kitty Godzilla stunned the audience last month at the TX2X event.

That’s where the JDM delight won the GTR 2 class following a streak of consistent uber-low-8s runs—the very best sat at 8s clean, which shows this machine is clearly capable of running in the high-7s range. As for its driver, Luna Tan is a racing driver also known as Ms. Jotech Motorsports, being the wife of company founder Kenny.

The cars

The Lunatik GT-R, as this Nissan is dubbed, seems to be Luna’s daily driver, at least according to her Instagram description. Even so, this is a Jotech Stage 6 GT-R, featuring a built 4.1L V6 (up from the factory 3.8L) and running an ETS twin-turbo kit.

Beadlock wheels all-round, a line lock feature that allows the car to pull pre-race burnouts in RWD mode and many other tech goodies have been fitted to the Nissan.

Demonology’s Challenger SRT Demon has constantly evolved over the past few years. And the Mopar machine currently runs a Hemituner-built 396 ci (6.5L, up from the factory 6.2L) V8. The stock 2.7L blower is also gone, having been replaced by a 3.0L Whipple unit, while nitrous is also on the menu.

Elsewhere, the not-exactly-scale-friendly Challenger features plenty of carbon fiber bits, while putting the power down with the help of a BMW suspension.

The race

The GT-R was clearly quicker, showing its parachute to the muscle car, but that didn’t bring Luna the big W, since she was a bit to pedal-happy at the starting line.

Even so, each of the vehicles had its own way of putting on a show. So, while the Hello Kitty GT-R went a bit sideways, seeing Luna applying quite a bit of steering wheel correction at times, Demonology’s Dodge went big on the Z-axis, pulling a delicious wheelie.



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