2JZ Nissan 240SX Teaches Supra a Drag Racing Lesson, Is Schooled by Turbo S2000

Ah, the good old who wore it better? game: in this case, it’s about an Mk IV Toyota Supra harnessing the power of its native 2JZ straight-six against a Nissan 240SX that had been gifted with the same engine in a drag race. And it gets better, courtesy of Player 3 joining the game, as a heavily modded Honda S2000 also takes part in this adventure.

The Japanese trio recently got together at the Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida and the shenanigan started with the Toyota facing the Nissan.

Listing the quarter-mile times of the machines here would spoil the fun, but there’s something else we can do, namely estimate the horsepower of these beasts based on their drag strip performance.

Sure, these are still street cars, but they’ve been modded through and through and they’ve been taken deep into four-figure territory as far as the output is concerned. For one, the drag racing fans among you might recognize the Baltic Supra here and we know from some of its previous adventures that it can deliver in excess of 1,600 horsepower.

As for the Nissan, the carmaker offered this as the 240SX in North America, while selling it under the S13 Silvia nameplate on Japanese domestic market. So this is probably the first with a face transplant from the latter, even though the 25-year import rule means those seeking an actual S13 can bring this into the US.

At this level of firepower, the outcome of a certain race doesn’t necessarily establish the quicker car, since a small difference in grip at the starting line can lead to a noticeable gap which might be overcome in a different race. In fact, if we check out the 1/4-mile numbers of the Supra and the 240SX, we’ll notice that while the Nissan grabbed the win thanks to a sharper time, it was the Toyota that posted the more impressive trap speed.

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Nevertheless, the victor couldn’t enjoy the spoils for too long, since a Honda S2000 soon challenged it, as showcased in the second part of the YouTube clip below (lens tip to Drag Racing and Car Stuff).

Oh, and instead of adding boost to its factory four-cylinder engine, the Honda discarded this altogether, replacing this with a V8… and them throwing in some big turbo magic. And it seems that, at least on this particular occasion, the recipe allowed the S2000 to give the 240SX a taste of its own medicine.




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