Widebody LTO E30 BMW Sedan Rocks Rotiform Wheels, Yas Marina Blue Paint

The first-ever BMW M3 was a homologation special based on the E30 3 Series, built because the Bavarians wanted to race in the DTM and Group A. This meant 5,000 road cars had to be produced. What followed was the birth of the M brand as we know it today.

The E30 M3 is one of the coolest German cars to come out of the late 1980s. Its iconic quad headlights and flared-out fenders, unfortunately, require deep pockets to own, as two examples have already sold for $250,000 on Bring A Trailer.

But we think the E30 sedan and wagon can be just as epic with the right set of mods. Presenting the LTO (Live to Offend) widebody kit for the four-door E30 models. Well… presenting them again, since between me and Andrei, we’ve probably written 10 articles on the subject.

Digital artist Khyzyl Saleem is known for making the wildest renderings that somehow stay grounded in reality. And for the last couple of years, people have been able to buy LTO kits designed by him and made to fit a few cult cars.

The flagship project was something dubbed the “Gladiator Hulk,” an E30 3 Series coupe that made its debut with an LS under the hood and some unforgettable exhaust notes. An LTO E30 wagon/touring was also finished in 2021, but I guess it was a prototype because the kit is only now going on sale.

So that probably means we’re looking at renderings and not a real car. Kyza’s video (see below) gives us a few clues on that subject, as it shows tiny glitches, a wing that’s missing in the photos and a studio that looks impossibly large. Anyway, that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the digital project, its major highlights being the modern Yas Marina Blue paint, a debut of the F80 series, and the ROC-H 5-spoke wheels from Rotiform.

Stage 1 of the kit starts from $4,950 and includes those beautiful bolt-ons. The front fenders have cool grilles around the sides of the headlights and appear to wrap around an M3-style bumper, adding 80mm of width or just over 3 inches. The rears are even wider and cover the doors of the sedan or wagon. People have joked that it’s good the indicators are gone because BMW drivers won’t use them anyway.

Stage 2, which costs $2000 more, is even more beautiful, as it includes a win and Kyza’s vision for a racing diffuser. in the rendering, you can see that he also blocked off the taillights.

While you contemplate your E30 check out the red wagon build, which is a real prototype for the kit. We love the window louvers.



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