Rolls-Royce Dually Truck Is Ready to Bend Luxury Into Cowboy Shape

Remember the days when one used to show up in a Rolls-Royce and get all the attention? That might still be true, but not for an increasing number of builders who are driven by a deep need to adapt these elegant automobiles to their idiosyncratic needs. So, while a few days ago we discussed a late 1970s Silver Shadow that had received a Hellcat swap, the RR project we have here is based on the predecessor of that model, namely the Silver Cloud of the 1960s—and this one is more ranch special than car meet piece.

While the previous Gaydon machine had been brought closer to the road—all those supercharged horses need a handling upgrade—this one has a ground clearance that makes the factory model seem glued to the ground.

The Spirit of Ecstasy hasn’t left this Roller’s body—it’s right there on the majestic grille where it should be—but the latter has been detached from the original chassis, having landed on what is probably a heavy-duty truck platform. An opinion splitter it is…

Well, at least most of the Silver Cloud III’s body, since the party ends halfway through the C-pillars to make room from a generous platform at the back.

This bad boy looks like it can haul and even tow one hell of a trailer—just check out the hardware throning in the middle of the said platform!

And, to cope with such a task, the rear axle now features a dually setup. This seems to go hand in hand with the spiked lug nuts up front, but if you look at the front wheels you’ll notice the “floating” RR logo (the one that always sits upright as the wheels turn) is present.

The project appears to have been recently completed by an enthusiast using the Jordan Woj Instagram handle, whose building skills go deep, allowing him to go from designing and welding to covering various mechanical tasks as he pleases.

After a quick stint on his Instagram account, you’ll notice he appears to have restored at least one classic Rolls-Royce in the past, while among his other projects you can find a 1990s Jaguar XJ with a Chevy Big-Block and a turbo setup for days.

We’re not sure about the origin of the oily bits, but, judging by the hashtags of certain posts, the Silver Cloud could’ve received some Chevy tech, so it might’ve been taken down the good old LS swap route.

The second clip below, which will take you straight to Insta, allows us to take a nighttime peek inside the cabin, where all the lavish features of the original are still present. And while the interior now accommodates a generous screen in the center dashboard, it looks like the red leather has been redone.

And when you’re buried into those armchairs Rolls-Royce labels as seats, what else do you need besides some massive truck doors mirrors to keep you aware of your surroundings?



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