Rick Ross’ 1973 Chevy Caprice Donk Has “Mountain” Blower V8, Nardo Grey Paint and 26s

2023 brought the second edition of the Rick Ross Car Show, held at his famous estate called “The Promise Land,” in Fayetteville, Georgia. And honestly, it was amazing if you’re into the heavily customized cars known as donks and verts, riding on gigantic wheels. There must have been at least a dozen projects costing over $500,000. However, this one slipped under the radar, a 1973 Caprice Convertible donk built for The Boss himself.

We did see footage of the car at the show. Most high-performance donk builds have twin turbos underneath, so with a tall blower stack, Rick Ross’ 73 Caprice stands out as something more old-school. This is right up his street, considering he’s clearly a Chevy guy with a solid collection of Tri-Fives and Impalas.

It’s easy to find footage of Rick Ross owning a 73 Chevy since 2012. It was dubbed the “Cherry Bomb” and was said to cost $500,000. So did he tear that one down or is this an all-new build? We’re not sure, but The Boss also has another expensive donk, the “Green Gucci Suit” 1971 Impala on gold 24s.

First Audi-colored Chevy donk?

WhipAddict, a reputable YouTuber in the world of donks, is the first to capture all the hidden details of this supercharged donk build, which was a rush order from the rapper. A lot of the fabrication work was done at Kaotic Speed, one of the most popular performance shops for donk and vert builds.

This Caprice is unlike other donks in the paint department too. Most of the award-winning builds feature bright candy colors, but this one has just been finished in Audi’s Nardo Grey. While this is one of my personal favorite colors, it’s highly unusual to have it on this, the most popular full-size American car from 50 years ago (Impala included).

The 26-inch Corleone Forged 3-piece wheels are also finished in Nardo Grey. Behind those is a set of Baer drilled brake rotors, custom suspension, and a 9-inch rear end. We don’t know the exact displacement of the big-block engine, but it could be a custom stroker, and it’s dripping in goodies, like the spacer (and probably injection), The Blower Shop supercharger, and Big & Ugly scoop up top. The interior isn’t upgraded and the Caprice is missing its soft top, something The Boss will undoubtedly want to be done ASAP.



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