Pink Panther-Themed Classic Dodge Van Rocks Chopped Top, Custom Lounge Interior

Back in the 1970s, Dodge was looking for ways to expand its marketing mojo and the company’s then-new B-Series vans provided the perfect opportunity. Unlike muscle cars, these big boys didn’t rely on performance to lure customers in. So, even with that decade being hit by two oil crises, the Mopar people would bring a strong contribution to the custom van craze of the era. Nowadays, we’re experiencing a partial resurgence of custom vans, with many old-school builders reliving their early days by coming up with standout vans. Case in point with the classic Dodge van parked on our screens, which features a Pink Panther theme.

Dubbed Buzzsaw 2.0, this 1970s Dodge van was only recently completed and it looks like the kind of custom creation that can act as a crowd magnet in any age.

There’s no need for a trained eye here—anybody can tell this is no production model, with that chopped roof and the resulting tiny windows seeing to that. The silhouette of the machine is further customized thanks to a molded widebody that makes a world of a difference.

And those meaty flares are filled by what appear to be Cragar wheels (here are some Cragars on the Hollywood-famous 1976 Mustang Targa Custom), with the chrome units shod in Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T (road-legal) rubber on all four corners. As for how such a toy gets from A to B in the real world, you should know the thing rides on air suspension, so the driver (Ken Mccarl, aka carloversince1965 on Instagram) can lift it at any time.

We can only glance into the engine compartment, courtesy of the factory-tiny hood that allows for more room in the cabin compared to the A100 vans these B-Series models replaced.

However, judging by the meaty custom radiator, the said wheel and tire setup and the massive side pipes, an appealing display of chrome, we’re expecting some serious V8 muscle in there. Then there’s the V-shaped front grille, which covers the entire nose of the vehicle, headlights included.

Moving towards the rear, we find a fuel filler cap that seems to resemble that of the OG 1970+ Dodge Challenger. And, if we check out the chrome rear bumper, we’ll notice triple-circle light clusters adorning each of its sides.

The interior of Buzz Saw 2.0 is just as exuberant

Opening the doors located on the passenger side of the 1970s Dodge van reveals a fully bespoke cabin. The four-seater area, which features a custom console for the rear passengers, has been turned into a lounge.

However, pink is no longer the dominant color, being rivaled by white—would you look at that quilted lether finish and the fuzzy carpet! Of course, the Pink Panter memorabilia resting inside adds to the theme of the vehicle.

The custom dash, with its minimalist design, is adorned by a super-sized screen placed in the middle, while the steering wheel has “badass” written all over it.

You can check out the Pink Panther-customized contraption via the Doogie Vans YouTube clip below. Oh, and if you’re looking for something without a pop culture theme, but equally outlandish, perhaps this 1973 Chevy van riding on 24-inch wheels will be to your liking.



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