Mat Watson Visits $1.4 Milion “Barn Find” in London, Wants to Buy a BMW

Carwow’s Mat Watson could be YouTube’s car personality in terms of views, but not many people know that he’s got a personal channel as well. And a couple of weeks ago, he visited the now famous London “barn find”, which is a massive warehouse filled with 200 dusty but valuable cars.

Now, to be honest, it’s not the most valuable barn find, worth only about $1.4 million. You can get that kind of money from the right couple of Corvettes or half a Ferrari race car. However, 200 cars bunched up together and sprinkled with the powdered sugar of time… that’s just a spectacle.

Spending all day around brand new cars must have affected Mat because he’s got a craving for these classics. Even though most are in bad condition, the drag racing king of Britain still finds something he wants to buy.

First on the list is a bright red Mercedes-Benz G 300d that the seller wants about $15,000 for. This could be an older model that’s been upgraded to the 2000s facelift with a more car-like face. It’s a common thing to do if you’ve got some old G-Class, but it probably doesn’t help with its value. Next on the list is an old Volkswagen split-windshield Bus. The condition isn’t great, and Mat isn’t an avid camper.

What to buy, what to buy?!

He is, however, a Porsche 911 fan. A 1973 model catches his eye and he’s tempted to buy one. But the car needs a lot of work to get back into original, road-worthy condition.

Next up is a really weird-looking army-green vehicle that looks like a cross between a Willys Jeep and a VW Thing. This is actually a British equivalent from the 1950s called the Austin Champ. Mat is taken by the old Mercedes SLs he’s found, but we’re more fond of the black BMW 635 CSi from 1989. What a beautiful thing… is hiding under all that bird poop. According to the comments, about half the people watching want him to buy it.

Most of the valuable cars are either German or British. But Mat does spot a Nissan 300ZX, the first version.



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