Ultra-Rare Range Rover 6×6 Is an Awesome UK Barn Find Begging to Be Restored

The classic Range Rover became one of the most iconic luxury vehicles in the world after its introduction. Thanks to its 4×4 drive and chic interior, it was the best choice for princes, queens, and sheiks who wanted to explore the suburbs of Paris or the dunes of Dubai. As a result of its connection to royalty, the Range Rover was also one of the first vehicles to be converted into a 6×6.

Today, all kinds of vehicles are converted into 6×6, mainly due to the popularity of the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6. But not many people know that the Range Rover is where it all started. As early as 1971, a company called Carmichael Ltd began converting Range Rovers into 6-wheeled luxury vehicles.

It’s believed that 400 six-wheeled SUVs were made during the 1970s, of which only a few were intended for private use. At the same time, you had people like King Khaled of Saudi Arabia, who had a lavish collection of European exotics and commissioned a 6×6 Range Rover to serve as his personal hunting support vehicle.

You’ll find a lot more of these if you Google “Panther 6×6,” named after the English company that made these, Panther Car Company. They would stretch the chassis by ten inches and add 35 more inches to the rear, thus creating an SUV that was four feet loner and accommodated the extra axle.

However, we think this is almost as rare and important as King Khaled’s 6-wheeler, which is amazing considering it’s a random barn find. British YouTuber IMSTOKZE found this amazing Range Rover sitting on jack stands in Exeter.

We know it was imported from Australia. Armed only with this information, we were able to track it down. Chassis number 3550 3984A is a “Suffix A” 2-door 1972 Range Rover.

Suffix A was produced from 1970 to 1972 and is the most desirable classic Range Rover. It’s distinguished by its black ashtray and the black console, which weren’t fitted to later models. It’s shocking to see a 2-door 6×6 conversion instead of a 4-door, and this barn find also sports two other original features: the PVC palomino seats and Bahama Gold paint.

Although it’s in rough condition, the bodywork doesn’t show signs of rust, and everything needed for a full restoration is present. A regular Suffix A 4×4 might be worth more than $100,000 when fully restored. But who is going to want a 6-wheeled version?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the original engine. This is supposed to come with the Rover 3.5-liter V8, but it actually has a “Leyland Terrier V8,” which I think is a 4.4-liter. It’s reportedly better than the British motor and runs.



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