All-Tan 1973 Dodge Charger Has Original Paint and Interior, Still Looks Fresh

There are times when a classic makes one feel the calendar has been turned backward. Case in point with this 1973 Dodge Charger, which is still in original condition and promises to need minimal attention.

To see why the third-gen Charger, which reigned between 1971 and 1974, is such a memorable piece of muscle history, we need to zoom out and look at the whole bloodline: while the 1966-67 original never quite made it as a luxury offering, Gen 2 came with a much sportier attitude, which only ended after the model we have here.

It’s not that Dodge didn’t want to preserve the dynamic heritage for the 1975-launched Gen 5 Charger-by that time, the oil crisis had stolen the big-horsepower magic from the market, so the carmaker decided to bring the nameplate closer to its lavish origins.

For 1973, though, generous V8s were still the norm-concealed headlights were gone, though-and we happen to be looking at the entry-level eight-cylinder, namely the 318 ci (5.2L) motor here, which is mated to a three-speed automatic (a.k.a. the 904).

Now, the seller, Christopher Knox, who posted the vehicle on the Rotting Musclecars and Old Tin Facebook group, mentions the car is still in original condition and yet it’s not entirely clear if the said engine and gearbox are the pieces that were on the machine five decades ago. In addition, the V8 comes with custom headers and exhaust, so you can hear that old-school V8 singing.

Regardless, we are told that the paint, as well as the matching cabin finish, are the original ones. This all-tan Charger (minus the black vinyl top, of course) may come with manual windows, but it does pack factory power steering and power brakes.

As for the state of the vehicle, the enthusiasts claims everything on the car works, with the only aspect that needs work being the AC-“runs and drives great,” the man adds.

And if you want to talk numbers, we’ll mention that the odometer shows 45,000 miles (72,450 km), while the asking price for this fuselage-styled Charger sits at $20,000.



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