1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS Is a Driveway Rescue with a Surprising Color History

Throughout the six generations of the Chevrolet Camaro—the nameplate has only been absent between 2002 and 2007, there have been many special years. But, when seeking such a title, who could argue against 1967, the year when GM introduced this muscle icon?

As the title states, your screen is currently the home of a ’67 Camaro, a toy that was rescued back in September by a crew of Californian enthusiasts known as Driveway Finds.

And, at least judging by their Instagram activity, follower comments included, it looks like the machine has yet to be brought back into the world, even though this is clearly the intention.

With GM being determined to make up for the time when the Mustang was alone on the pony car market (it was a 1964.5 introduction for the Ford, remember?), the first-gen Camaro came with a palette of goodies from the get-go. Among these, we find the RS appearance package present on this unit, which brings those badass concealed headlights, special headlights, the mandatory badging, and bright exterior details.

Alas, you can’t make much use of that last feature on this car, since it seems it wasn’t held in the best of conditions. There’s no point in panicking, though, as, at least based on what’s visible in these pics, rust hasn’t gotten the best of this classic muscle piece.

Speaking of its history, the Camaro left the factory dressed in Tuxedo Black and we have to admit we’re having a hard time guessing why somebody painted the thing White meanwhile.

Most of that finish is long gone, so whoever takes this Chevy home might choose whatever color for the exterior. As for the cabin, the red hue still makes an impact, even with the years taking a toll on the leather—who knows what a good detailing session could do for this bad boy?

With no mention of the powertrain (that automatic shifter does speak for itself, but we would’ve loved more details), we can only assume the 1967 Camaro is in dire need of a tech revamp.

However, the sporty gauges and the A/C were on the list of options and we can only hope this Chevrolet’s resto(modding) brings goodies that are just as special.



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