Supercar Blondie Reviews Aznom Palladium, Calls It the World’s First Hyper SUV

Just a couple of days ago, we talked about TheSketchMonkey and his latest rendering video, where a new Chevy Silverado EV went from pickup to sedan. As strange as it might sound, there is such a vehicle in the real world, and that’s the Aznom Palladium.

It’s something you should know about, not because it’s a vital or logical car, but because it’s interesting. And the one video which defines the world’s view is this one, just released by Supercar Blondie. There are only going to be 10 of these, and most billionaires will ignore buying them, so YouTube or TikTok are going to define perception.

And right off the bat, she makes all sorts of conflicting statements, calling it both a sedan and the world’s first hyper SUV. The Palladium doesn’t look deserving of either title. It’s not going to be as fast as a Bugatti, and it certainly doesn’t look like a sedan. Even gigantic 4-doors cars like Rolls-Royces appear small, and that’s because this is a re-bodied pickup.

The Palladium starts off as a Ram 1500. It travels from America to Italy, where all the bodywork gets changed to this luxury limo shape. Right about now, you’re probably wondering what’s under the hood. There’s a reason it sounds like a Hemi, a 5.7-liter V8 reason. Supposedly, it’s been tuned with twin turbos to make 700 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque (950 Nm). Last year, Aznom talked about a 6.4-liter twin-turbo as well, which would have 840 horsepower.

20 feet of Ram luxury?

But that kind of stuff depends on finding the right buyer since this is probably the only Palladium in existence at the moment. There are areas where this Ram 1500 limo doesn’t look 100% ready to be called “hyper.” And I’m not sure I can hear any turbos, which should have affected the Hemi’s exhaust tone in a certain way. I’m not trying to throw shade here.

It’s just that the vehicle promises to go from zero to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds, which is not only unimpressive but also impossible without the turbos. And in any case, a modified Dodge engine with throaty exhaust is the last thing you’d want in a luxury vehicle.

Another element missing from the equation is pricing. But given Supercar Blondie has been incentivized to call it “hyper”, we’re guessing it’s not cheap and will easily hit the $1 million mark. One thing you are certainly getting here is unique styling.

Apparently, this body is hand-formed using hammers over wooden shapes, just like in the old days of coachbuilding. The stand-out feature has to be that trunk, which opens like a kitchen drawer to reveal custom luggage. It’s also got an illuminated grille, vaguely in the style of a Cullinan.

And once you’re inside, it’s like a high-riding limo. From the wood trim to the blue and cream leather, the Aznom Palladium’s interior is reminiscent of a yacht. It’s got champagne, as any uber-luxury vehicle should. I’ve always wondered why that is? Can’t you just go someplace nice, drink, get in your limo and go someplace else? But I suppose the super-rich can’t be too far from the party atmosphere.



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