Lifted 2023 Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Spied: Your Personal Lambo Rally Car

It’s no secret that more and more eccentric drivers love taking supercars offroad. And with Lamborghini being one of the most potent brands out there, driving a mid-engined Lambo over the kind of terrain that would require an Urus or an LM002 is something people will remember. Sant’Agata Bolognese decided to roll with it and introduced the jacked-up Huracan Sterrato concept back in 2019 and now that the world is learning how to progress despite the ongoing health crisis, a prototype of the toy has been spotted testing.

Having had the pleasure to review multiple V10 Raging Bulls over the past decade, I noticed how the Huracan replacing the Gallardo in 2014 brought the world a daily-drivable Lamborghini, while the Huracan Evo mid-cycle introduced in 2019 added some serious spice to the recipe. And what could have a stronger flavor than a lifted midship machine of the sort?

When the Italians introduced the Sterrato concept—you’ll find a pair of images at the end of the gallery—we all found out they had been plotting the move since the Gallardo era, so seeing this prototype doing its thing at the Arctic Circle means we should be pretty close to the production model many of us have been expecting—lens tip to CarSpyMedia for the footage.

What is the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato?

The nameplate added to the supercar literally means “dirt” in the beast’s native language, but the Lambo seems to be doing pretty well on snow/ice too, drifting as its V10 engine, a member of the endangered naturally aspirate species, delivers the kind of soundtrack that beats any hit on the radio.

While the gorund clearance of the test car is clearly more generous (for one, the concept added 1.25 inches/4.7 cm), this skips the show car’s fender flares, adopting a more showroom-like look. However, the protytpe still sports plenty of protection elements (e.g., the skid plate up front) that will probably find a more refined form en route to production.

Even the roof rails of the concept are here, which is not surprising, given that vloggers had been putting roof racks on Lamborghinis for years, albeit using suction cups and other mounting hardware.

Nevertheless, the tester doesn’t look like it could accomodate any extra luggage on top, since the vehicle sports a massive roof scoop. And while this could prevent hydrolocking and other such issues by providing fresh air while off-roading, we’re expecting the final version to come with a different layout.

With Porsche also preparing a high-riding 911 that could be dubbed Safari (we’ve recently seen a 992 prototype, while there’s also a 991-based concept developed in 2012, but only released in 2020), the Huracan Sterato should enter the configurator soon, possibly by the end of the year—after all, the Italian automaker has announced it is bringing four new models to the game in 2022 and while at least one of them is expected to be based on the Urus, there’s certainly room in there for this rally car-like proposal.



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