Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Dirt Races Rally Car at Mark McCann’s Farm

The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, with its lifted suspension and its all-terrain tires, is here to solve a real problem, as YouTubers had been trashing those low-sitting Lambo supercars for years. So it’s up to this platform to put the Raging Bull through its paces and see how well it can handle the stuff that used to be reserved for the Urus. And what better way to find out than a race pitting a Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato against a Ford Fiesta rally car on a dirt track?

This battle comes from British YouTuber Mark McCann, who basically paid Lamborghini to become a Huracan Sterrato test driver—he bought his car like any customer would, but he’s beating the living hell out of it, which is how we found out the 1.7-inch lift means you won’t be jumping with SUVs in this V10 supercar.

No, really, at least up to the time of this writing, someone should give this bloke a medal for being the most daring Sterrato owner. And seeing how Mark found out that the best use of the Lamborghini is driving over loose surfaces, he set up the race that brought us here.

Now, as anybody who knows a thing or two about racing cars on any surface (but non-paved ones especially) will tell you, the Sterrato came to this fight wearing the factory Dueller AT002 all-terrain run-flat tires that Bridgestone developed for it. The Raging Bull also comes with a Rally drive mode for the kind of adventures we have here.

Of course, the rubber still has to take the Huracan Sterrato to its 162 mph and help the 5.2L V10, 602 hp beast maintain its supercar handling composure on the tarmac, so it does have its limitations when stepping off the road.

Perhaps this is the reason why Mark didn’t bring an all-out WRC car to the brawl, using the next best thing, namely a Ford Fiesta R5 rally car, whose 1.6-liter turbocharged engine is free of competition restrictions and makes 330 hp. More importantly, the Fiesta R5 rode on dedicated gravel tires for the race.

For the record, the main differences between the Fiesta WRC and the R5 come from the differentials and the power. Still, as the vlogger points out, the Fiesta R5, which is essentially the rallying version of the Fiesta RS and entered service back in 2013, is a world champion with a long list of victories in its trophy cabinet.

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Mark McCann built a one-mile rally track at his farm

Back in 2002, Mark McCann bought a derelict farm in Redditch, UK. At first, he lived in a caravan parked on-site and commissioned a motocross/UTV track on the land. More recently, though, he upgraded that to a rally track that spans over 14 acres of land and is one mile long. Hey, from Hoovie’s Farm to Adam LZ’s Drift Compound, vloggers getting their own playgrounds is a trend these days.

Of course, McCann’s rally track was the ideal place to throw the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato and the Ford Fiesta R5 rally car at each other. And—here comes the spoiler—the Lambo was slightly slower since packing almost double the power of the rally car didn’t help, as the tires struggled to put it all down through the relatively tight corners of the YouTuber’s track.

However, this shenanigan is more about the journey than the destination, which is how the man found out that short-shifting the Huracan Sterrato helped with achieving better lap times on dirt.

So, when is McCann going to put off-road tires on his Sterrato?



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