First Koenigsegg Jesko Customer Car Spotted, It’s a Restrained-Spec Attack

With the otherwordly Koenigsegg Jesko having embarked on a world tour following its debut back in March 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show, chances are anybody with an interest in cars is aware of the velocity beast. However, until recently, nobody had seen a production Jesko, at least not outside the factory. However, this changed back on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, when a dedicated Egg spotter reportedly came across the first Jesko customer car close to the production site in Sweden.

Koenigsegg likes to build as much of the car as possible in-house, electronics included. But not even such a company can defy the laws of physics, which is why owning one Jesko (wink!) means you’ll have to choose between the Attack downforce monster and the Absolut, a max velocity tool whose official top speed sits at over 300 mph (480+ km/h).

How do we know this is indeed a Koenigsegg Jesko production unit?

The example spotted next to Koenigsegg’s Angelholm facility is a Jesko Attack. This was caught on camera by Christopher F. (aka photochristofferf on Instagram). And while the enthusiast lists the vehicle as the first Jesko customer car, he doesn’t provide further details on this label.

How come he photographed the car? It’s not the fact that Sweden is among the many parts of the world that have experienced record-high temperatures this fall. Instead, the enthusiast describes himself as a Swedish Koenigsegg spotter who has immortalized no less than 159 Eggs to date.

Christopher had previously shot multiple Jeskos, but not in the vehicle’s final, production form. In fact, we expect those to be the factory TCs (test cars) the Koenigsegg website mentions. As per the official description, the first pre-production Jesko Attack (one or more steps past the originally showcased prototype), which was introduced in mid-2021, was joined by the Jesko Absolut in April this year.

Plus, one of the photos depicting the supposed Jesko customer car was posted on Insta yesterday by the unofficial Koenigsegg Jesko Registry (@koenigseggjesko.registry). Once again, the said description isn’t accompanied by any explanations.

The timing would seem appropriate, though. That’s because Koenigsegg’s initial plan involved customer deliveries for the Jesko kicking off in Spring 2022. Then again, even with its in-house dedication, the Swedish automaker still has to source parts from outside and with all the supply chain disruptions that have been affecting the world in recent times, a matter of this sort might’ve caused the delay.

The spec of the first spotted Koenigsegg Jesko customer car

For starters, the Jesko Attack customer car is not seen here in its final configuration. The Koenigsegg Jesko Registry mentions the wheels are test units. And, more importantly for the visual effect, the yellow bits you see on the car come from the protective tape the carmaker uses when testing each of its vehicles before sending it out into the world.

Regardless, most of the real estate is covered in Battle Grey, which is part of the solid hues that don’t require extra costs. Not that the Jesko’s $3M price would ever see buyers sweating over such financial aspects. They may have other worries, though, such as finding a Bugatti driver and showing the person that Swedes build a faster car… unless they own a Bugatti themselves (have you seen the outlandish wrap on this Chiron?).

Getting back to the configuration of this example, the brake calipers come dressed in Tang Orange, while the shade adorning the leather finish of the cabin is called Lava Orange. Speaking of orange, the absence of reflectors using the color probably means this is not a US-destined example.

For the record, the Jesko has marked a new era in terms of Koenigsegg production volume. So while it was also a leap to build 80 Regera hybrids for customers, the Swedes are scheduled to make 125 Jeskos. All of these were spoken for in just a few weeks after the Geneva debut, but you may still be able to grab one provided a dealer reserved it and is ready to let go of the hypercar.

If, however, you happen to prefer wilder specs for beasts that pack 1,600 hp, the said spotter’s account had already welcomed a pumpkin-colored Jesko Attack prototype, so there you go.



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