Driving a $5 Million Pagani Huayra BC on the Nurburgring Is Unreal

Shmee150 has had the craziest car summer ever, and we think he deserves some recognition for the content he’s been putting out recently. Few other people have filmed exotics like the Apollo IE Red Dragon or the Aston Martin Valkyrie. But this week, he was also able to drive the ultra-rare Pagani Huayra BC on the legendary Nurburgring track. Who does that?

If you’re a fan of this complex German venue you’ll know those ultra-expensive cars are rarely seen. The track is treacherous, and complicated, which is why automakers use it for durability testing. On occasion, supercars can be seen, and Porsche 911 GT3 drivers practically live there, but a Pagani is an entirely different matter.

Pagani is known all over the world as this exotic carmaker that set up shop right in the heart of Italian supercar territory. That middle finger to Ferrari and Lamborghini was shown using just two models, the Zonda and the Huayra. And although you real about numerous special editions, they’re actually super rare.

The deal between Pagani and Mercedes-AMG (they provide the engines) supposedly limited total Huayra production to 100 cars. The Huayra BC edition was supposed to be limited to 20 examples that were sold out, but the company overproduced and put together 30 units. Buyers were furious and it’s one of the funniest little supercar scandals.

Anyway, even though there are 50% more of these, they’re still super expensive. Shmee150 believes that value is now about $5 million, and that seems about right.

But what is the Huayra BC?

Well, this was the first special version of the car. Presented at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, it was named after Benny Caiola, a friend of mister Pagani and his first car customers. It’s designed for the track with better aero and more power.

The 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 which they got from AMG had been re-tuned to 754 horsepower and torque reached 738 lb-ft (1000 Nm). This particular example is known for its blue carbon fiber finish, and this exotic material is partly responsible for a weight reduction of 291 lbs (132 kg) over the standard model. The BC also comes with a stripped-out interior, a titanium exhaust system, and lighter wheels.

The normal Huayra, built for road-going, had amazing aero when it came out over a decade ago. It won Hypercar of the Year in 2012 (Top Gear). This track version improves that with a large front splitter and wings at the front, big side skirts, an oversized diffuser, and that obvious rear wing.

Shmee150 has actually driven this car before in America. It belongs to Mike Yin, a friend of the channel. Before reaching the Nordschleife, The Huayra BC was in New Zealand of all places. So what is this rare hypercar like to drive on the king of race tracks? Well, very loud and scary for starters, with the YouTuber also finding out that the single-clutch automated manual can “certainly feel notching up a gear when you’re pushing in anger.”



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