2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Leaks Before Imminent Debut and It’s an SL Coupe

As hinted by all the prototypes spied last year, the official debut of the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT is near. In fact, now that the leaked photo we have here fully reveals the styling of the second-generation GT, we’re expecting the newcomer to be introduced in the coming weeks.

It was no secret that the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT is essentially a coupe version of the current R323-generation SL. And the leaked photo, which is shown in the Instagram post below, comes to confirm this.

While the overall shape isn’t that different to the first-gen GT, the devil is in the details here. From the more chiseled lower front bumper, to the extra-elongated look of the headlights, this German speed devil is ready for another round. Oh, and yes, the Panamericana grille is here to greet us, together with the now-flush door handles.

Less supercar, more grand tourer

Two decades ago, Mercedes-Benz worked together with McLaren, giving us the SLR supercar. The automaker parted ways subsequently, and while the Brits are focused on all-out speed, the Germans have been bringing the formula deeper and deeper into grand tourer territory.

As such, when the SLS AMG was introduced back in 2010, this stood out as a halo car. However, its replacement, the original Mercedes-AMG GT of 2014, ushered in a more relaxed GT approach.

And, with this second iteration, Mercedes-AMG is even more determined to target the Porsche 911. The recipe shift means that while comments here on the Internet may be split, the new GT layout can help the car reach a larger audience.

Sure, the exterior of the two-door may tell the story above quite well, but the tech side of the newcomer will reveal the transformation ever further.

For one, borrowing the platform of the SL, which is a 2+2 just like the 911, means losing the rear-mounted transaxle of the first-gen GT in favor of a front-mounted gearbox. In other words, trading off a dynamic attribute (i.e., weight distribution) to gain an extra pair of seats in the back.

The engine range of the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT

This is where the second-generation Mercedes-AMG GT and the current 992 Porsche 911 will differ the most. The latter’s engine range is comprised exclusively of turbocharged and N/A flat-sixes, with at least one hybrid version set to debut this year. As for the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT, its powertrains will go from four-cylinder units to V8s, possibly without six-cylinder units in between.

Based on what the SL has to offer, the second-gen Mercedes-AMG GT range will kick off with the GT 43. This is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder packing an F1-inspired electrically-assisted exhaust gas-driven turbocharger with 381 hp and 354 lb-ft (480 Nm) of torque.

Moving on to the V8s side of the second-generation GT line-up, we’ll have the GT 55, whose twin-turbo 4.0L V8 offers 469 hp and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm). Then there should be the GT 63, taking that 4.0L V8 to 577 hp and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm).

However, the GT could also inherit the also-F1-derived plug-in hybrid 2.0L turbo-four powertrain of the 2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance. This means 671 hp and 752 lb-ft (1,020 Nm) of torque, but, as this review proves (head over to the bottom of the article for the video), the real-life experience is, ahem, complicated.

Another potential member of the range, which could land as a Black Series further down the road, could use the halo plug-in hybrid powertrain in the GT 63 S E-Performance four-door. This would involve an electrified 4.0L V8 delivering a massive 831 hp and 1,084 lb-ft (1,470 Nm) of twist.

A more focused driving experience compared to the SL

Since it packs a fixed metal roof as opposed to the SL’s folding soft top, the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT will prove to be the more dynamic model. The more hardcore approach will also be reflected in the overall setup of the car, which is why we’re looking forward to meeting the Affalterbach coupe.



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