Modern GMC Jimmy Based on Sierra Coming to 2022 SEMA via Flat Out Autos, Will Take On Bronco in January

Most of us get upset when carmakers pass on an opportunity to revive an iconic design. However, the most interesting reactions come from those who live retro machines, but have zero problems with such matters. And we’re referring to builders like Flat Out Autos, who will fill such voids, with the specialist currently working on a modern-day GMC Jimmy. The two-door full-size SUV is scheduled to make its debut this November at SEMA and will be made starting January 2023.

The Arkansas-based specialist, who is already known for builds like this 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe-based K5 Blazer revival, announced it would bring back the Jimmy at last year’s SEMA show. And the company has now introduced the said schedule, along with a few images that showcase the GMC Sierra bones of the upcoming release.

Back in 1969 Chevrolet introduced the K5 Blazer, an SUV based on a short-wheelbase truck platform, which quickly ended up outselling its main rivals, namely the Ford Bronco and the International Harvester Scout.

The Chevy received the GMC Jimmy counterpart the following year, while 1972 brought a second generation for the popular duo, which soldiered on until 1991, when the Blazer lost the K5 part of its name and the Jimmy was turned into the Yukon that’s still offered nowadays, albeit with the modern GMC coming as a five-door SUV based on GM’s T1 platform.

Now, the T1 architecture also serves the GMC Sierra, which explains why Flat Out Autos are using this as a base in their effort to bring back the Jimmy.

For now, we can enjoy a set of renderings of the upcoming SUV, which come from digital artist Oscar Vargas (aka wb.artist20), who’s helped us live this sort of retro dream on plenty of occasions.

A complex transformation

However, we need to stress the fact that this is so much more than putting a window-gifted bed cover on a Sierra. Based on the myriad of custom exterior and interior details the said K5 Blazer conversion packs, you can expect a proposal that truly delivers a modern Jimmy as if this came straight from GM, back seat included. And that rear shell is can be taken off, allowing the rear passenger to enjoy the elements.

Our 2022 GMC Jimmy is moving right along, Oscar @wb.artist20 nailed the renderings showing it off in different colors with accessories[…]. All bodywork and mechanicals are complete, next week will fabricate the removable rear shell,” Flat Out Autos explains.

Of course, there are also differences between the two, as the new-age Jimmy seems to keep the modern styling of the Sierra, whereas the Blazer featured a full retro design, which made the whole operation more complex.

And while this means we can expect the pricing to sit lower—two K5 Blazers we found had sold for $142,000 and $192,000, you can still expect a hefty price for the GMC SUV revival, which, of course, makes for an eccentric alternative to the Bronco Ford resurrected last year.



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