Billie Eilish’s Famous Dodge Challenger Is Looking Worse for Wear, RDB LA Will Fix It

Celebrity cars are usually brash, over-the-top dream rides that regular people can’t afford. But sometimes, one of the biggest people on the planet can have just an average ride that you still respect. That’s the case with Billie Eilish’s Dodge Challenger. She’s owned that for many years and still wants to enjoy its muscle because the Dodge just turned up to a major auto shop for repairs.

Billie’s father brought the matte black Dodge Challenger to RDB LA where it’s about to be repaired. According to the famed shop, the muscle car spends a lot of time outside, and the paint is faded and scratched. They’re going to re-spray the whole thing in regular black and bring it to factory spec. Afterward, it will receive a satin clear bra to get the desired look. It’s possible that the repairs cost more than what the Dodge is worth.

As we said, Billie is one of the biggest artists on the planet, and she could get any new car she wants. RDB does widebody Rolls-Royce Cullinans costing more than $500,000 all the time. But this singer is very chill and simple, which is a big part of her appeal.

Word is that the Challenger was her childhood dream. She loved muscle cars ever since her father took young Billie to car shows, and she was planning, saving up to buy exactly this model. The Dodge was the first new car she ever got, and she’s never going to sell it. It was featured in the music video for the song “Everything I Wanted” and many of her video or social media posts.

This Challenger was presented to her by the record label when the artist turned 17 in December 2018. So it’s been with her for almost 4 years. The Dodge also has a name, Baby Mama, and unless we’re mistaken, RDB were the ones who wrapped the car in the first place.

The Hellcat rumors are wrong

While you might find reports out there saying Billie owns the fire-breathing Challenger SRT Hellcat, that’s clearly not the case. The supercharged version with over 700 horsepower has many distinctive design elements that set it apart, and they’re missing. The most obvious one is the air induction on the hood.

Based on the model year, this is SXT base trim level, though there’s a small chance of an R/T without badges. I’ve had a good listen to the engine in an old interview with Gayle King and it sounds like the V6, not even the smallest HEMI V8. It’s a little bit disappointing, but 305 horsepower actually makes a lot of sense when you consider she basically learned how to drive in this thing and an adult supervisor had to be in the passenger seat.

For a few high-speed kicks, the singer has also posted up next to a blue McLaren 600LT. And it’s possible that a Chevrolet Suburban is her actual daily driver. Before acquiring her dream muscle car, Billie was rolling around in an old Mazda5, a minivan that most people have forgotten.



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