2010 Camaro Becomes Stunning “All-Metal” Chevy El Camino SS Pickup

The Chevy Camaro isn’t the coolest muscle car in town right now. In fact, rumor has it that GM will give it the boot. One shop decided to give a modern 2010 Camaro the look of an El Camino, thus capturing some of that magic Chevy products had half a century ago.

Muscle car fans should know all about the El Camino. This odd mix of car and pickup captured everybody’s attention by offering amazing high-displacement V8 engine options and go-fast accessories inside and out.

The artist known as Sketch Monkey argues that this generation of Camaro is the best in the modern era. Made between 2010 and 2015, the fifth-gen takes inspiration from the first models and has simple, geometric styling elements. But the best El Caminos owe their beauty to another muscle car, one which makes Camaros look puny, the Chevelle.

Though initially popular, the El Camino was eventually moved to Mexico and by 1987, production shut down completely. Its spiritual successor, the Holden Ute, was also killed off. But a shop in Alabama brought the El Camino back under the spotlight with this Camaro-based built.

Carrozzeria Casados Design claims that this is an all-metal car with every panel being rolled and hammered by hand into the shape you see here. Right now, it hasn’t got an ounce of paint on it, which allows you to appreciate the perfect execution. There’s no Bondo or led filler in sight.

The more you look at it, the more you realize how different this is from a regular 2010 Camaro. The roof is more curved and flows into this 5-foot pickup bed. The machine has got a custom tailgate and pickup truck taillights. The hood V8 engine hides under a custom hood and breaths out on either side of a creatively designed diffuser. The Holden fans are going to get a real kick out of this one.

The beast still needs a few finishing touches. But we’re blown away by how the Alabama builder was able to make our crazy rendering dreams into reality.



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