1971 Cuda Convertible in Sassy Grass Green for only $185,000, But There’s a Catch

The 1971 Plymouth HEMI Cuda Convertible is the most desirable and expensive muscle car in the world. It’s basically almost as valuable as one of those sexy Bugattis or Ferraris. In March 2021, one of thee went up to $4.8 million in bidding at the Mecum Auction in Indianapolis, and it didn’t sell because the reserve was at $6.5M. Another one went for $3.5 million way back in 2014.

So you’re probably never going to own one, not even if you’re the next A-list actor. But we found a way for you to sample the Cuda magic without going bankrupt.

Volo Cars is selling the 1971 Plymouth Cuda Convertible you see here for just $184,998. So what’s the catch? Well, it certainly looks the part. This Sassy Grass Green actually adds some value because it’s a rare and very cool color.

The Cuda left the factory almost as you see it today. However, it’s recently undergone a full restoration and received three mods that Plymouth fans will all want: shaker hood, billboard stripe, and rubber bumper. Both the rear-mounted wing and 4-speed pistol-grip gearbox were factory options, which is great.

We’ve never mentioned a HEMI engine, and that should have given you a clue as to what’s missing. With the 426 cubic-inch option, this could have been worth ten times as much money. But as things stand, it’s “only” got a 340, the 5.6-liter which produces 275 horsepower. The upside is this is numbers-matching and fully documented.

Why is the HEMI Cuda Convertible so expensive?

Plymouth didn’t sell that many Cudas to begin with, which makes it a hot commodity. In addition, 1971 is considered to be the better year, since it gets those quad headlights and unique grille design. But they only made 371 convertibles that year. So even the one you see here is extremely rare.

But a 426 Hemiā€¦ well they only made 12 of those, which is why they cost so much money.

Still, we love the way the Sassy Grass Green shines. It’s a urethane rotisserie paint job with 4 coats of color and 3 of clear coat which reportedly look just as nice underneath. She was born with this Go Wing, racing mirrors, and hood pins. And we love the look of the color-matched elastomeric bumpers, which look very OEM+.

With the top down, the white interior is in full view. It’s got the Rallye dash to go with the 15-inch Rallye wheels, as well as the original dash and radio, but from what we understand, the gearbox isn’t numbers-matching.



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