Is the Hyundai Veloster N With DCT Faster than a Jetta GLI DSG?

In just a few short years, Hyundai has become a popular brand of affordable sports cars. We’re talking about normal cars with bigger turbocharged engines and over 250 horsepower. But is the recently revised Veloster N faster than a Volkswagen Jetta GLI?

That’s the kind of question that can only be answered with a drag race, and we know a Canadian YouTuber with credible results, Sam CarLegion. He’s got his hands on the latest Veloster N model, which has been made available with a DCT gearbox. You probably want to know how it now compares to the manual Civic Type R, but that’s a race for another time.

Today, the Veloster N squares off against the king of twin-clutch autos, Volkswagen. I remember how in 2012, the Jetta GLI was quite popular, and the Veloster couldn’t be taken that seriously due to the 1.6T. But right now, Hyundai’s car is actually the most expensive. But today, the GLI is the underdog.

Jetta GLI and Veloster N specs

The Jetta is lagging behind its rivals in terms of power, as usual for a Volkswagen. The 2.0-liter turbo under its hood only makes 228 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, which in this case reaches the front wheels via a 7-speed DSG. But the Veloster N’s 2.0-liter delivers 275 hp and 260 lb-ft, now fitted with an 8-speed DCT. And get this: it’s also more expensive by about $5,000.

The base prices don’t reflect what these cars are worth, as Hyundai basically offers everything as standard. Still, it’s interesting how Volkswagen offers a 4-door compact sports sedan cheaper than a Hyundai coupe. Too bad it’s more sedan than sporty!

So what happens when the rubber starts to spin? Well, as you’d expect based on the numbers, the Veloster N wins a lot. Sam says the Jetta GLI is being walked, even when the launch control of the Hyundai he’s driving doesn’t collaborate. The roll race also reveals the Hyundai N motor makes more power.

If you want the performance in a 4-door car, we’d skip the Kona N and just get the 2022 Elantra N. It’s got the same engine, making 276 hp as standard, along with 19-inch wheels and a base price of $31,900. The DCT 8-speed does add another $1,500. But it’s so much sexier than a Jetta.



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