1111 HP Lucid Air Looks Impressive in First 1/4 Mile and 0-60 MPH Tests

One of the hottest cars of the past couple of weeks is the Lucid Air, an eagerly anticipated electric sedan. All sorts of content has been made, but since we’re performance junkies, we just had to watch this drag racing video from DragTimes, where they do some 1/4-mile passes and 0 to 60 mph sprints.

It’s been almost 10 years since Tesla wowed us with the Model S and its amazing performance. And during all that time, Elon’s sedan enjoyed flagship luxury status while taking on supercars at the strip. But even with the Plaid being out, it’s become harder and harder to fight off the competition.

So is the Lucid Air that one sedan that steals Tesla’s thunder, doing what Porsche struggled to. Well, it’s certainly impressive. It recently won Motor Trend 2022 Car of the Year, and for good reason. Even the base model makes 800 horsepower and claims over 500 miles of range. They timed that one to 60 mph in 3 seconds dead.

But you’re here about the most powerful version. While the best Tesla makes 1020 horsepower using three motors, the Air Dream Edition P makes 1111 horsepower. Only two motors, though, and the manufacturer claims 2.5 seconds to 60. Which isn’t bad but… it’s not Plaid. Lucid is currently working on a tri-motor model of its own, and that will have Bugatti Chiron levels of output.

During the first test, the Air does 60 mph in 2.93 seconds and the quarter-mile in 10.21 seconds. Brooks says 60 was 2.7 with a roll-out if you want to compare it directly to those official Tesla numbers (1.99s). By the third test, he gets it down to 2.88 seconds. Plus, the wind and heat conditions probably weren’t the best they could have been.

The video below doubles as a full review as well. It’s very interesting too. The Lucid Air is so new that its steering wheel buttons and some of the advanced features don’t work. It’s like one of those games you pre-order.



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