This 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Is a Covert Custom with Tube Chassis and Z06 Power

When it comes to hot rodding an icon like this 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, a debate is always around the corner. There are those who believe such an icon needs to stay fully original, while others feel the need for modern hardware-fueled velocity thrills. Well, this ‘Vette aims to offer the best of both worlds, concealing its reinvented tech side under what might just pass as a stock exterior.

This may appear surprising, but the OG iteration of the sports car, which was introduced in 1953, initially struggled to find customers (its anemic straight-six and drum brakes were the main culprits). And while GM kept updating the machine, this didn’t go past 10,000 units per year until 1960. Nowadays, though, the C1 Corvette is a treasured collector item, albeit one with enough owners willing to rack up serious miles to create a generous custom car fan banse.

And while we’ve already stated the modus operandi of Indiana-based Indy Street Rods & Classics, but we’ll ask you to just take a moment and gaze at the shop’s creation before you move over the details. It’s impressive how close this thing looks to the original.

The custom shade of red covers a machine that sits low to the ground via Ridetech air springs and an Accuair control system. The vehicle rides on staggered Forgeline wheels, which come in a 20×8-inch size at the back and in a 19×8-inch size up front. The fenders are now more rounded for a “supercar” look, while those at the rear are 2.5 inches wider.

Uber-modern hardware

Perhaps there’s a reason this C1 sits so low, namely to make it difficult to notice its custom frame. We’re dealing with a SRIII tube chassis. This has been customized to allow the headers of the LT4 crate engine to fit. That’s right, this Chevy uses the kind of supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that normally powers the C7 Z06. The Wilwood brakes provide matching stopping power while using an electric booster, while the power steering is also electric.

The cabin is gifted with custom intruments and modern ammenities such as climate control, a central infotainment screen and a controller for the said air suspension. Oh, and there’s a custom convertible top hidden beneath the skin, so this bad boy is never afraid of the weather.

Visuals aside, you can get all the little details of the ’59 Corvette in the ScottieDTV video below, straight from the said builder. The creations, which has only recently been completed, will be showcased at multple regional events, while there’s also a chance for a 2022 SEMA display this November.



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