Factory-Correct 1960 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe Makes For a Bubble Top Jewel

The bubble top roofline of a 1960 Chevrolet Impala is impossible to miss and even more so when the piece of American history has been brought back to its former glory. In fact, this particular example seems to pride itself on making that an understatement.

Chrome was the business when General Motors introduced the second iteration of the full-size model in 1959—this only lasted for two years before the Gen III took over, as life cycles were quite different back then—you’ll get plenty of that on this unit.

In fact, the whole thing has quite a shine, with the exterior and the interior having been brought to a factory-correct black and red approach. This was all part of a rotisserie-level restoration process the Chevy received from Colorado-based Sonnef’s Master Garage—”everything has been rebuilt,” the specialist states on its website.

Since we talked about the cabin of the machine, we’ll zoom in on the dash to mention the performance gauges. And there’s plenty of go to serve those dials: if we look at the mechanical side of the Impala, we’ll find a 348 ci (5.7 L) V8 featuring triple two-barrel carburetors.

This was the highest option available back in the day, with the motor being rated at 350 horsepower, so not only can you keep up with modern traffic, but this Chevrolet seems to have what it takes to give one the giggles when the loud pedal is touched.

Note that the engine is mated to a more modern R700 GM four-speed automatic transmission, which should mean you can cruise along at relaxed rpm. Speaking of which, cruise control was introduced as an option for the 1960 model year and while the seller doesn’t specifically mention this, we expect the feature to be present.

Promising a show car finish, the specialist mentioned above demands a matching price for this retro slab of America, with the Impala being listed at a non-negligible $85,000 (€73,281 at the current exchange rates).



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