Citroen 2CV Turns into Unexpected Hot Rod with Exposed Chevy V8

There’s no strict recipe for a classic hot rod, but we’d argue that starting off with an affordable car that was produced in large numbers is a common denominator among the countless builds that have populated the blacktop for decades. In this respect, the Citroen 2CV is not at all a surprising choice for a hot rod. Even so, we don’t get to put the two in the same sentence too often, since the French are (usually) not that hooked on building such beasts, while Americans naturally prefer domestic vehicles as a base.

Not unlike the VW Beetle, the iconic 2CV was born before WWII, being conceived as a simple, affordable car for the commonfolk. The Frenchie mixed its basic mechanical side, which could be fixed with minimal effort, with a “cheap and cheerful” attitude reinforced by its design, so its appeal spread way beyond the initial target, which included working people in the countryside.

Alas, the war meant that the production model had to wait for the 1948 Paris Motor Show. However, once the ball started rolling, it never stopped until 1990, with 2CV global production totaling over 5 million units. However, this one is unique, having received the said hot rod transformation over in its home country.

The French builder behind the project, Alexandre Danton (aka danton_arts_kustoms) seems to have followed the said design principles when turning the car into a speed devil. As such, we’re dealing with a basic style that introduces a badass appearance. However, this is not rugged, with a dark-chick aura being used instead.

None of the original fenders are still in place, as these couldn’t contain the massive wheels and tires, which, by the way, sport a retro appearance (i.e., chrome for the first and white walls for the latter).

The Citroen 2CV Hot Rod has an American heart

The front clip has been cut and now sits much further ahead, with the exposed engine compartment showcasing the American side of the 2CV. To be more precise, the little car is now animated by a N/A Chevy V8 making around 400 horsepower.

There are plenty of contrasting details, such as the neat Coca-Cola branding and the riveted carburetorā€¦ cap.

We can say the same about the cabin, which houses bits such as a wood and chrome steering wheel, an exposed bell housing, and uber-minimalist metallic seats whose leather cushions bring a bit of a lower-body anatomy lesson. Oh, and this is a two-seater now.

The exposed engine bay is a trademark of Alexandre Danton, whose similar-layout builds range from a Jeep Wrangler and a Porsche 911 (yes, with the motor up front) to a Lamborghini Espada parading its V12 out in the open.

The 6×6 Land Rover Defender you’ll see in the background of one of the 2CV hot rod‘s photos? Well, we never said the French builder only makes the kind of beasts listed aboveā€¦



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