1991 GMC Jimmy With 110 Miles Part of “Holy Grail” of Square Body Barn Finds

The second generation of the GMC Jimmy was introduced in 1973 as an upmarket version of the Chevrolet K5 Blazer. It was in production until 1991, when it was replaced by the GMC Yukon.

The Jimmy is such a cult classic now that people are even trying to convert a modern Sierra to look like one. The avid collector and restorer Dennis Collins just traveled to Pennsylvania where he checked out a treasure trove of General Motors vehicles.

He calls it the “holy grail”, and it includes seven trucks from the square body era, one NBS (New Body Style) truck, a 68 Chevelle Convertible from California, and a really interesting 1963 Impala Convertible.

Collins never reveals the prices he pays for cars he buys to the YouTube audience but says a record sum was handed over for a particular one. Obviously, he’s hinting at the blue-silver two-tone 1991 Jimmy with 110 miles. It’s basically been bought, driven down from the dealership, and never used after that, which is an amazing story.

What a 1991 Jimmy is worth

What’s a world record price? Hard to say, but a 1991 GMC Jimmy in exactly those colors went for $33,500 about a month ago and it had 131,000 miles on the clock. The highest price for that particular year was set at $66,000 at the Scottsdale auction, though it was customized.

The grail is completed by another 1991 Jimmy, this time finished in white with 70,000 miles on its fuel-injected 350 V8. This box truck cave also includes some nice Chevy trucks. My favorite is right at the beginning of the video, a 1971 C10 Cheyenne in gorgeous original paint.

There’s also a 1985 GMC Sierra Classic with 4×4 and a 4-speed manual transmission. It’s got a lot of options on it, especially compared to that small 2×4 with a V6 right beside it.

Car-wise, Daniel decides to buy two of them. One is a 63 Impala convertible. It’s in really rough condition, but the 327 cubic-inch 4-barrel really makes it attractive. By comparison, the 1968 Chevelle looks perfect. But it’s got California smog and bumper over-riders. People might not like those, but they made this a more unique classic.



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