Supercharged 1989 Saleen Ford Mustang 5-Speed Is Hella Groovy, Price Is Matching

Ask those in the know about the Fox Body Mustang and you’ll be told that, despite the (more or less) recent rise in attention, you can still grab one of these on a budget and start that build you’ve been dreaming of. That’s certainly not true for this 1989 example, though, which has been kicking it cool from the get-go, being one of the roughly 895 examples Saleen modded back in the day.

The American specialist, which is listed as a manufacturer rather than a tuner, thanks to having gone to extreme lengths to deliver performance, could obviously cast spells of various intensities for these ‘Stangs. And unit #293 here got a full menu, with a plethora of tech goodies meaning competitors should take the Bright Red paint, with its grey graphics, as a warning.

For starters, the 5.0-liter V8 has been gifted with a Paxton centrifugal supercharger, custom headers, and exhaust, inviting the driver to work the shifter of the 5-speed before sending the muscle to the rear wheels via a 3.08:1 axle with a Traction-Lok (limited slip) differential.

The interior is an analog temple

Red and grey are also found inside the hatchback, albeit in opposite proportions compared to the exterior—the Saleen-added Flo-Fit front bucket seats are an example as good as any. 

And, once we look past the Saleen Mustang door inserts, center console serialized plaque, and dashboard instruments (that 170 mph speed is quite something), we’ll notice the odo shows 31,000 miles (50,000 km).

The leather-clad three-spoke MOMO steering wheel (a Saleen mark together with the Hurtst shifter) is a reminder of the retro ways—this ’89 model is part of the final major revamp of the Fox Body, but an airbag steering wheel didn’t land on these Fords until the following model year.

If it’s bends you want to talk, we’ll mention the Saleen-specific 16-inch wheels, as well as the suspension and brake goodies.

The front and rear spoilers are also the work of the said specialist, making sure the exuberant styling of the era is accurately displayed.

At the time when this non-sponsored article was published, there were still two days and six hours to play the bidding game on Bring a Trailer, with the bar having been raised to $42,500—in a great-gramps vs youngster comparo, we’ll mention that’s the kind of money that would buy one a brand new Mustang GT with the Performance Package.



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