Pro-Touring 1968 Chevrolet “Super Camaro” Keeps It Simple With Added Boost

I wonder what Leonardo Da Vinci would’ve thought about this 1968 Chevrolet Camaro—at least to these eyes, the classic muscle seems to perfectly follow his famous “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” quote. This ’68 packs a lot of work and yet it remains rather subtle, which is why I decided to get a closer look at the slab of America.

1968 was the second model year for the OG Camaro and while not much changed from the previous year, the addition of the Astro Ventilation fresh air system for the cabin meant the side vent windows were left behind. And this is enough of a reason for many enthusiasts, myself included, to prefer the ’68 over the ’67 on a visual level.

From a distance, this pro-touring build could pass as a factory effort with larger wheels, while zooming in on the thing reveals a myriad of details and brings us back to the point made in the intro.

You can’t go wrong with starting the description of the ‘Maro by mentioning the monstrously wide tires. We’re looking at Forgeline Wheels (19×10 at the front and 19×11 at the rear) shod in 325/30 R19 rubber and this is just the front axle. At the back, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires come in a hypercar-worthy 345 section.

Much to nobody’s surprise, this sort of rolling hardware requires meaty overfenders, but the units seen here managed to preserve the classic look of the muscle car, as does the aid dam sitting underneath the spot where the front bumper used to be.

This Camaro skips the RS appearance package that came with the concealed headlights but does keep the round front light cluster behind the mesh grille.

The cabin is simply neat and so is the engine bay

The clean look can also be found inside the coupe, where a black leather finish with white contrast stitching is a sight for sore eyes. The cabin has been completely redone and while it does feature elements like new seats with rather generous side bolstering, the retro flavor is strong.

Built by Texas-based Slicks Fab Shop, the ’68 Chevy packs an LS3, with the 6.2L V8 having received a Procharger centrifugal blower, hence the nickname we dropped in the title. And it’s all packaged in a way that makes popping the hood a joy for those around the car.

The boosted V8 sends the power to those meaty rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. Stopping power? The Wilwood Brakes take care of that part.

Perhaps the most minimalist part of the project is the posterior, with the stunning shade of blue received by the car adorns the original bumper, with no aero element in sight.



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