Mustang-Engined 1967 Camaro First Start Sounds Rowdy, Swap Was Worth It

When it comes to modding machines, the generation gap often brings disagreements between fathers and sons—we’ve all seen examples on TV shows like Orange County Choppers or Rust Valley Restorers—and while senior builders normally prefer standard approaches to hot rodding, their offsprings naturally go for more radical approaches. So, how about a son who got a hold of his father’s 1967 Camaro only to give the Chevy an engine he pulled from a Ford Mustang?

The 1967 Camaro is the OG (read: this was the first year of production), which might’ve made matters worse for the young gun in question, namely YouTuber Itsjusta6.

The vlogger, whose real name is Gavin Simon, has been working on the contraption for almost two years now, and now it’s time for the Coyote motor (you knew it!) to have its first sip of gasoline—there’s no mention of any disproval from his father!

Just to make things clear, Gavin’s dad cared about this Camaro enough to jump inside the muscle car and hoon it away from the destructive force of hurricane Catrina back in 2005. However, with the vehicle running badly afterward, the two thought some minor issue was at fault, but only to discover a crack in the engine block.

And, with this slab of GM having been in the family for about three decades, the YouTuber decided to get off the beaten Chevy crate engine path, lifting the said V8 out of his S550 Ford Mustang for some serious cross-brand work.

If blasphemous builds are your thing, perhaps this Challenger Hellcat-faced ’65 Mustang will do the trick

If you haven’t had experience with this project cars before, all the hurdles Gavin comes across, such as oil spills, electrical problems, and, as he puts it, the car almost burning down, might seem exaggerated.

Well, these issues are simply the daily life of a car builder and, fortunately, the enthusiasts manages to get around all of them, finally waking up the Ford motor.

With the ’67 Camaro still needing plenty of elbow grease, we only get some idle appetizer for now, but the badass voice of the motor means our appetite for seeing this Detroit X Detroit build hitting the road is now sky-high—given that its scale footprint sits at just 2760 lbs (1,250 kg), the driving dynamics should be savage!



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