Mad Max Dodge Challenger Hellcat Is Turning Into a Ford Falcon XB GT “Interceptor” in Florida

Yes, we’ve all seen our fair share of old and new Dodge muscle cars in the Fast and Furious series. But the latter are going away as Mopar switches to electric muscle after 2023, so is their massive screen presence really an issue? My answer is no and I’m preparing you for a Dodge Challenger Hellcat that transitioned into the Mad Max universe here. This is a real machine, a 2020 Hellcat whose movie car-obsessed owner is turning into a Mad Max-style Interceptor.

As the enthusiast, who is named Robert Selby, found out in his journey, the modern Dodge Challenger is quite similar in size to the Australian 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Hardtop. The latter is the car that was used as Mad Max’s Interceptor (aka Pursuit Special) in multiple movies of the Mad Max franchise. And the motivation he got from that means the Dodge keeps getting pushed further and further away from its factory appearance (not unlike this old Volkswagen Bus Max Max-style project).

Dubbed Mad Cat for obvious reasons, the project was first presented back in 2021. And while the memes will have you believe that’s the year when the original Mad Max movie of 1979 (1980 in the U.S.) was set in, this isn’t actually true—while no precise date is mentioned in the motion picture, multiple clues are pointing out towards the mid- or late-1980s.

The Mad Cat Dodge that’s being merged with 1970s Ford muscle

That was Version 1 of Mad Cat and you’re currently looking at Version 2 of the build. The most important addition that came via the V2 is the nose cone, which is an Arcadiapane-style piece (named after Ford Australia designer Peter Arcadiapane, who worked on Falcon XB projects). This custom unit was built by Australian Mad Max replica authority Gordon Hayes for an actual Falcon Coupe.

And while the Dodge’s factory dual snorkel hood is still present, there’s a cutout making room for a Weiand 6-71 blower—as with the motion picture machines, this is not functional, with the stock factory supercharger sitting underneath the piece still being what pushes the 6.2L Hellcat engine to 700+ hp.

Moving to the sides of the big coupe, we find Triumph Forged staggered wheels: 11-inch-wide rear units shod in 315/45 R18 rubber at the rear and 10-inch-wide front pieces with 295/45 R18 tires. Hey, the smaller-diameter wheels (Hellcats have 20-inch factory units) not only bring the look closer to that of the said 1970s Blue Oval muscle car, but also mean the driver can install meatier-sidewall tires to help with the launches. After all, you never know when a pursuit is required…

Custom front fender badging, a rear quarter panel faux vent, and zoomies exhausts complete this part of the project. As for the posterior, this may be the last modified side of the bad boy. However, with the overly aggressive roof spoiler and the also-massive boot lid spoiler, it’s just about extreme enough… for now.

Have you ever wondered how a fastback Challenger would look like?

You see, Robert is currently planning Version 3 of Mad Cat, which will see the Dodge Challenger getting a fastback roofline. As you’ll notice in the Instagram post below, the man has already acquired an American 1970 Ford Torino shell as a donor vehicle and we’re looking forward to witnessing the result of the marriage.

The interior is pretty much stock for now, but perhaps the cabin will also get some attention once Mad Cat V3 arrives (presumably in 2023). And speaking of a schedule, we still have to wait until 2024 for the Furiosa Mad Max spin-off to land in theaters, while series director George Miller is also working on a sequel for the Fury Road production of 2015—no release date has been offered, but we know the motion picture will be dubbed The Wasteland.

The builder is creating a small movie car tribute collection

And Robert seems to have something to keep him busy before those titles reach the big screen. So while the man’s movie car tributes already include the Mad Cat and Nemesis, a Resident Evil-inspired Dodge Charger, he’s currently on a Breaking Bad trip.

And if you’ll excuse that pun, I’ll add that the builder has gotten his hands on a Pontiac Aztek (it appears stock) and, more importantly, a Fleetwood Bounder RV that he’s bringing close to the 1983 model-based “Krystal Ship” of the highly awarded TV series.



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