3,000 HP General Lee Plymouth Superbird Drag Racer Burns Methanol With an Attitude

When you run a Mopar-themed drag racer and are looking for a way to keep all eyes on your machine while this pulls its five-second quarter-mile stunts, you may end up breaking some boundaries. So how about giving the Plymouth Superbird look a General Lee twist?

The machine we have here bends the good ole anthem a little, going for Mopars or no car. It mixes the Superbird, a NASCAR hero that dominated speedways in 1970, with the pop culture icon that is General Lee, the hero car of the early 1980s Dukes of Hazzard TV show.

Of course, as die-hard Mopar enthusiasts will tell you, the action-comedy series, which is centered around two Georgia-born cousins who are on probation for running moonshine, but just won’t give up, sees a 1969 Dodge Charger being cast in the role of General Lee.

And no, General Lee is not the 1969 Charger Daytona that led to the birth of the 1970 Plymouth Superbird after becoming the first racer to hit 200 mph on a closed course, but the standard version, if such an attribute is ever fit for the iconic muscle car.

Superbirds, Daytonas and General Lees today

Nowadays, genuine Daytonas and Superbirds are either six- or seven-figure cars, depending on whether they pack the coveted 426 HEMI and their condition (have you seen the rescue of these Hurricane Ian-flooded examples?). As for General Lee, only a few of the 325 cars used for filming (some of them were replicas) survived, due to the infamous jumps performed during the show. In fact, to this day, people build tribute cars using Ford Crown Victoria chassis and aftermarket ’69 Charger panels and jump the hell out of them at various event across America.

However, getting back to the Plymouth Superbird General Lee that brought us here, this is a Pro Mod promoting Mopar culture on the Old Continent. For the record, Pro Mods are the fastest drag racers that still pack working doors, using custom chassis and replica street car bodies.

Crazy colors

Dutch crew Voodoo Hemi Racing, who runs the machine with Ferry Meijer behind the wheel, only switched to the General Lee livery this fall. Previously, the dominant hue was Limelight Green, one of the seven colors offered on the actual Superbird back in the day.

Orange shade aside, the Dukes of Hazzard tribute is complete, which means the Pro Mod racer not only sports the 01 number on its doors, but also the Confederate battle flag on the roof. So you can expect this contraption to spark a debate between those who believe the flag should be missing because it’s a symbol of dark times in American history, and those who say that it stands for the original form of the pop culture icon.

With that out of the way, we can move on to the posterior of the Pro Mod, which hasn’t changed. This continues to use In Violet, which was Plymouth’s name for a color that Dodge enthusiasts refer to as Plum Crazy.

The crew hasn’t released the exact specs of the machine. However, we can see its monstrous supercharged engine running on methanol, which delivers around 3,000 hp, as per the Pro Mod class norms. As for the scale footprint, the minimal weight allowed for blower beasts like this one sits at 2,650lbs. So yes, it could smoke this YouTuber’s four-figure-muscle General Lee tribute, but the latter is a road car, while racers like this one go through a new set of connecting rods every 20 runs or so.

And, using the same logic, this thing should be able to deal with the quarter-mile in the high-5s range at speeds of over 250 mph. In fact, you can check out such a 1/4-mile stunt with the old livery in the YouTube video below, with this having been recorded at the UK’s Santa Pod Raceway two years ago.



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