Honda S2000 Rat Rod Nicknamed “Model AP” Looks Too Good (or Bad) To Be True

Slammed Honda S2000s. We’ve all seen them, whether on bumper-threatening static setups or on air suspension (pssss). However, nobody saw this low-to-the-ground S2000 rat rod coming. Is the thing real, though?

Truth be told, we couldn’t believe our eyes either. Sure, a ratted-out S2K is guaranteed to draw attention, but why deny the S2000 its legendary handling by creating such a… unibody-on-frame contraption? Perhaps this could be a way to bring a totaled S2K back to the road, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anyway.

We believe that the S2000 rat rod is not the real deal. Instead, this looks like a mockup that owner Pep Urra (aka pepdoesit) is doing for the giggles while he awaits for the custom chassis seen under the cut-up S2K body to be married to the chopped-up body of his 1930 Ford Model A. The enthusiast even nicknamed his S2000 “Model AP”, which is only fitting given that this seems to be an AP2 iteration of the sports car.

The tech details of the actual Ford Model A project the aficionado is preparing

Based in Florida, it looks like Pep turned to North Carolina-based Village Customs for the frame. Oh, and the rear axle features air suspension, so once the real Model A project is complete, it will be able to kiss the pavement.

For the record, we’ve included two images of the Ford in the gallery below, so you know where the effort is actually headed once the S2000 fun times are over. However, it’s worth noting that the images were uploaded to Instagram back in 2019, when the chassis wasn’t around.

The said shop, which has used this chassis for countless Model As, is in on the shenanigan, as you’ll notice in the second Instagram post below.

With the S2K’s 8,200 rpm four-cylinder screamer (only the less torquey AP1 could rev to 9,000 rpm) literally no longer in the picture, we can see the 1930 Model A project has now been given modern V8 muscle.

As for those eye-catching wire wheels present on the contraption, they come from Rally America.

Of course, there’s one question that lingers: what will happen to the incomplete, Suzuka Blue Metallic-finished S2000 body? At this point, this looks more like a parts car than anything else, which is a shame, given than the S2K is not coming back, at least not with an internal combustion engine.

Somebody has already created the opposite of this and it runs pretty darn well

Still, the sight of a Honda S2000 rat rod is not something that can be unseen, especially since the opposite of this project has already come to life. Thanks to builder Ricky Boada, the American streets are now blessed with a rad rod 1930 Ford Model A powered by a Honda S2000 engine.

Do you want a bonus? How about more of them? You can check out the machine, with its F1-inspired aero, bold turbo and more in the Top Gear video below, which sees fellow builder Rob Dahm taking the JDM-ized rat rod for a spin with Miami in the background.

Update: As it turns out, the Honda S2000 Rat Rod is a drivable contraption and we’ve added the details below.

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Update: the Honda S2000 Rat Rod is real and here’s the car driving down the road

This is one of those scenarios when I’m glad to have been wrong: the Honda S2000 rat road is real! And, speaking of Top Gear, fortunately, we never made a Jeremy Clarkson-type pledge that we’d have to eat our own hair in such situations. So we can skip straight to bringing along an Instagram video that shows the S2000 rat rod of Pep Urra driving down the road.

The outlandish build has evolved meanwhile, with the ratted out S2K now packing period-incorrect headlights and a radiator grille, while its firewall is fully decorated with license plates. Because one of those cars in the plates has to be stock, officer…

On a more serious note (probably), the Franken-Honda has a license plate and the owner’s Instagram account claims the vehicle comes with a clean title. So yes, now you’ve seen it all.



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