“Factory New” 1994 Toyota Supra Looks Too Perfect, Hits 155 MPH on the Autobahn

The 4th-generation or A80 Toyota Supra is one of the most famous sports cars of all time. It’s known for the durability of its 2JZ engine which could handle a lot of power, but not many people have seen a fully-stock Supra in excellent condition.

The Dutch publication AutoTopNL was able to secure just such a “factory new” 1994 Toyota Supra, owned by a restoring company called Stipt Polish Point. And thanks to that, they were able to film what it would have been like to drive a new Supra down the Autobahn nearly 30 years ago.

Production of the A80, which is the most famous generation of the Supra, started in 1993 and lasted until 2002 in Japan. However, updates they made in 1996 made it very expensive, and it was gradually withdrawn from many markets. America, for example, dropped the Supra in 1998.

This is a European version of the Supra, a coupe fitted with the famous 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-6 engine called the 2JZ-GTE. It was officially rated at 330 PS or 321 horsepower in U.S. numbers. AutoTopNL notes that in this twin-turbo Euro-spec, the 2JZ had stronger steel turbochargers than the 280 hp Japanese cars and bigger injectors.

We’ve seen so many customized Supras over the years, thanks in part to its appearance in the successful Fast and Furious franchise. But this 1994 Supra looks just as it did when it left the factory. Under the hood, the 2JZ has been meticulously cleaned and restored. It’s also different from the modern Supra with its BMW engine cover.

A nasty interior surprise

The interior is also 100% original, with leather that even smells new. Unfortunately, that includes a nasty surprise for the Supra purists. That’s right, this has got an automatic.

Some have criticized the way the Supra handles, comparing it to more engaging sports cars. But let’s not forget this is a big GT car by Japanese standards, and you wouldn’t say the automatic is out of place on a BMW 8 Series or Bentley Continental.

It being an automatic is probably why this example was in such great condition and thus an ideal candidate for restoration. Of course, the 6-speed manual would have made it a little faster, but with the 4-speed auto, this review still manages to put 250 km/h or 155 mph on the speedometer, which is only legally possible because of the Autobahn’s unrestricted nature. The Supra was also timed from 62 to 124 mph (100 to 200 km/h) in under 15 seconds, and that made it faster than a BMW X6 M50d or 2019 Porsche Macan S. Pretty decent for a stock Supra auto, right?



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