SEMA 2022: Lamborghini Urus Gets Extreme $57,500 Liberty Walk Widebody Kit

The Lamborghini Urus continues to be one of the most popular high-end SUV, and with thousands of them sold each year, the aftermarket segment is booming. But Liberty Walk may have blown the competition out of the water with its all-new widebody kit, making its debut at SEMA 2022 this week.

The few preview pictures we have (we’ll add more) suggest this build is even more extreme than anticipated, making the renderings they released this July look conservative. However, we have to remember that SEMA builds tend to go overboard.

Liberty Walk has a rich history of imitating the design of race cars and applying it to widebody kits. Most of their packages look like they came out of Formula Drift, and the Ferrari F40 we previewed yesterday is like a Super Silhouette race car, like a Skyline from Japan’s motorsport scene in the 1980s. On the other hand, this Lamborghini Urus looks like a cross between Pikes Peak and Rallycross.

It’s often been said that when you lower and widen an SUV, it starts to look like a giant hatchback. However, with the Urus, it’s always clear that you’re dealing with a $300,000 celebrity toy and not some Civic Type R.

The already angular and aggressive body of the Urus has been modified with a set of fender flares, a larger chin spoiler, new side skirts and a diffuser. They’ve added two aero sets at the back, a small lip above the taillights, and a bigger spoiler at the top of the trunk lid.

This being a SEMA build, it has other brands involved as well. Toyo Tires couldn’t resist putting wide rubber on this beast, and Rohan Wheels so this as an opportunity to showcase some racing alloys. Both Fi Exhaust and Armytrix are mentioned, and that’s because Liberty Walk built two separate SUVs, one going to the Dub Magazine stand and the other to Toyo. SEMA 2022 is going to be lit!

Liberty Walk Urus: Price and Competitors

Even though people haven’t seen the kit yet, it’s already available for pre-order in the USA and Canada. This package starts out at $30,800 and for that, you get an FRP version with all the skirts and spoilers.

That massive vented hood is an option and will set you back $5,500 (also in FRP). The dry carbon fiber option is $47,000 or $57,530 with the carbon hood. Obviously, that’s a lot of money, as much as a complete Toyota Supra. However, rivals charge about the same or even more.

One popular option is the American-made 1016 Industries widebody that’s been available since 2020, and starts from $45,000. We’ve also talked about the Novitec widebody Urus recently, a complete one selling for $450,000. And of course, there’s the ultra-ugly but full-of-character Mansory package.



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