Ferrari Purosangue Extreme Camouflage Spec Looks Like Fiat Heir Lapo Elkann’s Work

Discussing the place of the Purosangue SUV in the Ferrari range? That’s so yesterday, especially since now that the model has entered production, the various configurations are the talk of the town. And this Purosangue camouflage spec is the most extreme we’ve seen to date, with the car reportedly belonging to Fiat heir Lapo Elkann.

This example of the Ferrari Purosangue, a machine with a $398,350 MSRP, was recently spotted in Cascais, Portugal. And its camo spec goes well beyond the pattern covering all the body panels.

For one, the entire color scheme of the vehicle matches works around the said aspect. This ranges from the brown Ferrari badge on the rear hatch—the same shade as the wheels—to the custom badges that have replaced the Prancing Horse shields on the front fenders—more on these below.

Plus, the camouflage pattern, which may see Minecraft fans jumping for joy, is also found inside the Ferrari SUV. Based on the images we have here, this covers the leather on the steering wheel and the seats.

Pop the hood and you’ll also see the camo theme on the valve covers of the N/A 6.5L V12, which delivers 725 hp to all four wheels (up to 124 mph or 200 km/h) via an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission—this is probably a good time to remind you that while Maranello is expected to release a plug-in hybrid Purosangue, this pure V12 is the only engine right now.

The camouflage spec Ferrari Purosangue is probably Lapo Elkann’s custom SUV

The Prancing Horse was caught on camera by a spotter named Joao Costa (aka supercarrosemportugal on Instagram) and an enthusiast who uses the car_spotting_in_Europe Instagram handle, as well as others.

The owner of the Fezza allowed both spotters to take photos of the interior, while the latter aficionado also climbed into the driver’s seat.

Speaking of which, the highly customized nature of the SUV and especially the front fender logo mixing a heart shape with the peace symbol are clues towards this Ferrari having been customized by Lapo Elkann. As for why the vehicle is on Portuguese number plates, all we know is that Elkann is married to former Portuguese rally raid racer Joana Lemos and is said to spend plenty of time in the country.

A member of the board of directors at Ferrari N.V., among others, Elkann is the great-grandson of Fiat co-founder Giovanni Agnelli.

For the record, Fiat doesn’t own Ferrari anymore, with the latter having been an independent company since 2016. Ferrari has become the Ferrari N.V. holding based in The Netherlands: 10% of the shares are held by Enzo Ferrari’s son Pierro, which Fiat Chrysler Automobiles took its 22.91% of the shares into the Stellantis merger it formed with PSA. The remaining 67.09% of Ferrari stock is public via the NYSE (the carmaker was listed in 2015).

Lapo Elkann has customized Ferraris in similar fashion before, with an example including a 458 Italia that got a green camouflage wrap with matching brake calipers and custom front fender badges—back in 2016, this raised $1.1 million at the Cinema Against AIDS charity auction.

Aged 45, the executive and entrepreneur also founded Garage Italia Customs, a Milan-based aftermarket developer.

Of course, people wonder if Ferrari’s Tailor Made customization arm released this spec. Given the details above, the Ferrari Purosangue camouflage spec probably uses a wrap rather than an extreme paint job like this F40, but feel free to zoom in on the images in the gallery and be the judge of this.



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