Dodge Ram SRT-10 Dually Wants All the Traction for Its Viper V10

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 is representative of a glorious era when Detroit’s Big Three built road-biased performance trucks and Dodge still had a V10 as its flagship motor. In other words, an icon that should be preserved for the rough EV times ahead. Well, a wacky builder out there (or is the person a mad genius?) seems to disagree, having turned the Ram SRT-10 into a dually truck.

Now, if this had been the 2005+ quad cab model that joined the single cab original launched a year before, the visual impact of adding another pair of wheels and enlarging the rear fenders would’ve probably been less striking. However, with its two doors and its short bed, the machine displays cartoonish proportions that will split opinions among enthusiasts.

When talking about dually pickups, we’re generally looking at heavy-duty applications (like this Rolls-Royce) that use the extra set of rear wheels to add stability and traction, especially since these workhorses have to deal with serious payloads and tow quite a bit of mass. So, what is the purpose of the setup here?

The builds surfaced on Instagram some hours ago, coming via americanmusclehd and we weren’t able to find details on the project. Fortunately, though, these three images tell quite the story, with those muscular fenders being occupied by deep dish wheels in a striking golden finish. As for the front wheels, these seem like they pack a faux ten-lug setup.

The golden hue can also be seen on the engine and since we mentioned this, we have to point out that while SRT-10s are not exactly used as tow vehicles, such a monster can always use some traction. After all, the vehicle is animated by a Gen III Viper 8.3-liter V10 delivering 500 hp (507 PS) in factory trim. And while we can’t be sure the engine is stock—you could always expect some mods with such a build—this seems to have maintained its N/A nature, with no blower or turbos visible.

With the rear end out of the vehicle of sight, we can still notice the custom headlights, but we’re pretty sure this is not the kind of detail people will focus on when coming across this truck.

And, as with all regular cabs, this example comes with a six-speed manual tranny—one of the images shows the cabin, which appears to be in factory condition, aside from the finish of the seats.

Is the Ram TRX quicker/faster than the SRT-10?

Naturally, it didn’t take long for enthusiasts in the comments section of the said Insta post to imagine a drag race between this Dodge Ram SRT-10 dually and the 707 hp Ram 1500 TRX that currently sits at the top of the food chain.

Even with the weight advantage of the SRT-10, which sits at around 1,260 lbs (570 kg), the extra muscle of the TRX would initially put this in the lead. However, we’re all curious to see how the dually setup of the RWD truck would fair against the 4WD of the offroad-biased TRX.

Still, we have to keep in mind that while the TRX is electronically limited to 118 mph (190 km/h), the SRT-10 can push that speedometer needle all the way to 154 mph (248 km/h), so it would all depend on the length of the race.

Are Viper duallys a thing?

This is the first SRT-10 dually we’ve seen, but we’ll remind you of the Gen II Viper dually that also came under the spotlights via Instagram, back in 2020 (you’ll find the 1320video post showcasing it at the bottom of the story).

That project, which came with Japanese license plates, had been taken even further down the customization route, having received a U.S. Army treatment. And some people say the renderings digital artists whip up are unusual…



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