Chief Keef’s Lamborghini Urus Is Now a Fighter Jet With Shark Teeth

Chief Keef’s Lamborghini Urus is already famous. However, the rapper just put his super-SUV through its third major update. The Urus was sent to West Coast Customs, where they gave it a fighter jet makeover, complete with weathering and shark mouth graphics.

Since its launch, the Urus has always been a go-to SUV for many celebrities. However, many people have the same mods on their Lambo, which means it’s difficult to stand out. Chief Keef has found his nice with colorful vinyl wraps.

About a year ago, his “Mystery Machine” Urus was revealed. The entire bodywork of the SUV was colorfully decorated to look like the van from Scooby Doo. Of course, the Urus looks nothing like a retro van because it’s angular and futuristic, but this contrast is what made Chief Keef’s ride famous.

This wasn’t actually the most extreme thing that happened with this car. Back in June 2020, the Lamborghini Urus received a widebody kit specifically designed by 1016 Industries. It’s been said that only 50 such widebody SUVs were made for $350,000 each including the car. However, the kit could be bought separately for $45,000 with a carbon fiber finish.

Even today, the Urus is fitted with the 1016 widebody, which adds 3.5 inches to its front end. However, the livery has changed from “flower power” to “war machine,” so you could say it’s a complete 180-degree flip.

West Coast Customs started by redoing the wrap, replacing the Scooby Doo vinyl with flat white. Based on a rendering by Musa Rio Tjahjono, the team then printed out the shark mouth for the sides of the Urus. Then, custom painter Ryan Templeton comes in with special airbrush techniques, making the Lamborghini appear weather.

As a former military vehicle hobbyist, some of these techniques are quite familiar. Likewise, the shark graphics remind me of old fighter aircraft. As an animal that evokes primal fear, the shark was used in aircraft nose art during the First World War more than 100 years ago. But it caught on thanks to the 1st American Volunteer Group, the Flying Tigers, which painted the now iconic shark mouth on the noses of their Curtiss P-40 Warhawks.

This was adopted by a variety of aircraft during WWII, followed by American Jets right into the modern era. Even the Apache attack helicopter has put on a set of chompers or two.

As a fan of Lamborghini and Hot Wheels, Chief Keef must have gotten the idea of a shark mouth Urus from Liberty Walk. The Japanese tuners have widebody supercars with this design, and I believe there’s even a rare Hot Wheels Huracan with this design.

So what does Chief Keef’s Fighter Jet Urus cost? Well, the Urus cost at least $210,000 back in 2020, the kit was $45,000 plus installation and this wrap must have cost at least $20,000 considering WCC’s prestige. It’s clear Chief loves his Lambo SUV very much.



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