Chevy Silverado Six-Wheeler Doing Wheelies Has a Weight-Balancing, Supercharged Secret

Nowadays, people love cars that can do pretty much everything. That’s why crossovers and SUVs are so popular and, if we are to zoom in, it’s also one of the reasons why off-roaders are as popular as ever. But what if we were extremely specific in our multi-purpose quest involving high-riders? Well, this six-wheeler (it’s not a 6×6), supercharged, not-front-engined V8, street-legal Chevrolet Silverado build goes as deep down that rabbit hole as possible, wouldn’t you agree?

If we had to put a label on this Franken-truck with first-generation Silverado looks, we’d probably call it a 6×4 Prerunner. While the first part describes its driven axles—the two at the back—the second refers to a modern style of custom trucks inspired by the machines off-road racers use for the scouting runs. As opposed to most lifted trucks, the key role of the suspension is to give the vehicle the ability to navigate desert sections at high speed.

Then again, why confine this monster to a single category, when it can do so much thanks to its outside-the-box tech setup? We haven’t seen the vehicle tacking dunes yet, but we’re sure that its long-travel King Shocks, with their external fluid reservoirs, are there for a reason.

Instead, in the video below (Internet points go to americanmusclehd on Instagram and Sam Heffley on Facebook), we can witness the contraption pulling some otherworldly wheelies on asphalt—it’s in a completely different league to this Volvo XC60 six-wheeler we covered last month.

The supercharged V8 sits at the rear

Have you noticed how easily the nose takes off and lands? That’s because there’s no heavy engine in there. Instead, this thing keeps its engine at the back, with the exhaust pipes sitting where the tailgate could’ve been—the truck, which was only recently completed, may evolve further, as many of these projects do.

Of course, all that Z-axis action couldn’t be possible without proper firepower. And this is where a Whipple-supercharged 1,130 hp 427ci (7.0L) LS6 V8 built by North Carolina-based Prestige Motorsports comes in handy. And while we’re discussing LS6s in wacky positions, here’s one occupying the front section of a Pontiac Fiero.

Interestingly, even with that 4.5L blower on top, the engine seems to be about the same height as the sides of the bed, which is why one can have a hard time spotting it in the clip. All that muscle is channeled to the four rear wheels via a TH400 three-speed automatic built by Ohio-based Gearstar Performance Transmissions, so this bad boy is geared for badassery.

And, in case you’re wondering how the chassis gets to handle this sort of abuse, you should know the factory GMT800 platform is long gone. Instead, we’re dealing with a custom frame that was designed with such shenanigans in mind. As for the body panels, these are made from fiberglass, saving some weight in a machine whose heavy-duty hardware is no friend of the scales.

This is a father-and-sons project

Having collected our jaws from the floor, we can now move on and tell you this is a family project that was handled by an enthusiast named Bruce and his two sons.

And here’s to hoping they cover as much rugged terrain as possible in the red beast. For one, maneuverability should be considerably better than what one might expect, since all three axles get air suspension and can steer!



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