Apocalypse Ram TRX 6×6 Jumps Like It’s a Record, Loses Parts in Rough Landing

Big truck with loads of power and a ramp—this has become a recipe for success on YouTube. And while it often involves expensive machines, jumping a Ram TRX 6×6 whose price kicks off at $250,000 is the latest shenanigan of the sort.

Last summer, the Internet started talking about a particular six-by-six iteration of the already-bonkers Hellcat-engined Ram 1500. Built by Florida-based Apocalypse Manufacturing, who had done 6×6 conversions for the Jeep Wrangler and dubbed Warlord, this truck packs some serious hardware that allows it to cost three times as much as the “regular” TRX.

And now, the YouTubers behind the Triple F Collection label have decided to jump the hell out of the behemoth (more on this below).

The Apocalypse Warlord Ram TRX 6×6 specs

This bad boy sits a full six inches closer to the sky while packing a custom suspension system that promises extra refinement for the 6×6 (this does retain the factory Bilstein shocks of the TRX).

Aside from the proprietary added axle, the truck gets a custom frame made of 0.25-in thick steel at the back, along with 18-inch wheels shod in 37-inch mud-terrain tires.

For some of the examples, this one included, the supercharged 6.2L HEMI under the hood gets an extra 100 hp for a total of 802 ponies. You know, so the poor little V8 can cope with the added weight of those features, which are just a part of the customization—for one, the cabin and the exterior also get attention.

Back to the jump

Dave, Jordan, and Jason, the Ohio-based vloggers who run the Triple F collection, grabbed some friends and built a ramp (launch and landing sites) to give the Warlord a chance to showcase its three-dimensional abilities.

And the guys didn’t just jump the thing once or twice, they did it over and over again until the vehicle dropped its center shaft (8:22 timestamp). However, Joe Gannis of Apocalypse Manufacturing was on-site and seemed to quickly hammer the part back in its place. And, as shown in the video below, the guys went for one more jump after the fix.

We can’t look at a Ram TRX having a “zero-gravity” moment without thinking of another YouTuber. This would be Michael Hyssong from Street Speed 717, who infamously jumped his stock TRX back in 2021. Subsequently, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission charged him with no less than 18 counts, two of them involving the disturbance of waterways and watersheds, and six covering the pollution of waters.

It all resulted in penalties including a $53,000 fine and saw Mike building his own off-roading jump site on private property.

As for the 6×6 TRX vertical axis stunt that brought us here, the sheer idea of the Ram dwarfing a G-Class and a Lamborghini Urus the crew brought along shows just how determined these guys are to play with some of the most expensive all-terrain toys on the market.



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