This Is the Cheapest 2024 Chevy Corvette You Can Buy, 1LT Is Very Basic

The all-new 2020 Chevy Corvette looked like an absolute bargain. Despite its base price of just $60,000, it promised supercar looks with a mid-mounted V8 engine producing almost 500 horsepower. Fast forward a few years and the 2024 Corvette is about 10% more expensive. But do people still want a basic Corvette when they can buy the Z06 and the E-Ray?

We believe they might. The E-Ray is all-new for 2024, and it delivers fantastic performance improvements. But it’s also quite expensive. At $104,295, the electrified coupe is nearly $40,000 more expensive, not to mention you might not want to park it in a garage.

So, what’s a basic 2024 Corvette like? Just check out the cheapest new Corvette you can buy in America right now, a car that lacks all of the options normally associated with the C8.

TFL claims this car has a sticker price right over $68,000. That’s slightly more than the advertised $66,300, but that’s because destination and handling are added, along with only one very simple option.

The thing that instantly stands out is the color. It’s called Cacti Green (GVR) and is new for 2024. GM got rid of several options from the 2023 model year, like White Pearl Metallic (G1W), Caffeine Metallic (G48), and Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic (GS7). But they also added new colors like Riptide Blue Metallic (GJV), Sea Wolf Gray Tircoat (GXA), and this green.

Cacti Green is already pretty famous because it comes in many of the E-Ray photos, but it’s a no-cost option even on the base model. As we mentioned, there is an option, the $1,995 silver wheels, which are the same size as the standard ones but are forged.

The car looks about the same as the 2020 Corvette, but there are multiple new features. The 2024 model comes with forward collision alert, forward distance indicator, lane keep assist, pedestrian and cyclist detection, and the powered front trunk pull.

Everybody knows about the Z51 Package, which this base 1LT doesn’t have. It’s still available for $6,345, adding performance suspension, brakes, a spoiler, and the important exhaust upgrade which boosts the output of the 6.2-liter LT2 engine from 490 to 495 hp.

Chevrolet is also leaning heavily into carbon fiber for 2024. You can get a carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber intake blades, and a huge $7,995 visible carbon wing.

Inside, your basic 2024 Corvette 1LT lacks the leather wrap package, the heated and ventilated seats, the head-up display, wireless phone charging, lumbar support, and powered seat bolsters. Instead, you get the GT1 bucket seats which are still leather, and the 10-speaker system, not the 14-speaker premium one. All of the safety features mentioned above are only fitted to the 2LT and 3LT.



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