The Stradman Buys a Triple-White 1987 Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV, Shoots Witch Matching New Countach

Famous car vlogger James Lucas Condon, better known to the internet as Stradman, has just picked up his childhood dream car. It’s a triple-white 1987 Lamborghini Countach LP5000 Quattrovalvole (5000 QV) which he bought from We Are Curated, the famous supercar collection in Florida. The plan is to drive this rare exotic 3,000 miles back to his home in Utah, the kind of journey few people ever attempt in such old Lambos.

The exact price of the transaction has not been disclosed. However, the market value of an LP5000 QV is $700,000, and it’s possible Stradman paid more because of the rare color and low miles, not to mention the prestigious location where it was previously stored. The Countach has only done about 9,000 miles since it was delivered 36 years ago.

Quattrovalvole, which means four valves (for obvious reasons) is the official name of the Countach version made from March 1985 until September 1988 when it was replaced by the 25th Anniversary Edition. It’s the most popular and famous version of this iconic 80s supercar, but with just 610 examples produced, it’s still almost as rare and exotic as the Bugatti Veyron which Stradman just sold.

The 5000 QV received a brand new generation of Lamborghini V12 engine, bored and stroked to 5.2 liters and capable of producing 449 horsepower in its best European specification with a carburetor. Stradman’s car is very clearly a U.S. spec one based on the shape of its engine cover. European Countaches had a big bulge right in the middle to accommodate six Weber downdraft carbs while U.S. versions like this one had two bulges and came with a 414 horsepower setup thanks to Bosch fuel injection.

What has been done to Stradman’s Countach

Stradman first said he bought this triple-white Countach more than a year ago. However, there were some issues that Curated had to fix first. A full restoration has been carried out, including exterior detailing, cleaning, and repainting seats, and various replacement parts such as the door gas struts.

She is all set for that magical 3,000-mile journey to Utah, which is not going to be easy. Modern supercars are pretty easy to drive compared to the Countach which has a heavy clutch for its manual gearbox and RWD. That said, Stradman makes it look easy, driving with one hand and vlogging with the other.

Stradman Countach: Old vs New

A lot of celebrities have owned a Countach over the years. However, very few have gotten to experience the old and new generations together. In August 2021, Lamborghini revealed the Countach LPI 800-4, a modern tribute to the icon which was celebrating its 50th birthday. Although it has been harshly criticized by some, all 112 examples were sold within a week.

The LPI is powered by a much more modern V12 with the 48-volt hybrid system from the Sian. And with over 800 hp pushed to all four wheels, it’s about twice as fast from 0 to 62 mph. Is it as collectible as the LP5000 QV? We don’t know, but they sure do make a great pair in this triple-white paint combo.

You can tell Stradman is a hardcore Lamborghini fan. While at Curated, he’s immediately drawn to some rare Diablo models that he’d buy if they weren’t so expensive. Over the years, the YouTuber has bought several of these Italian exotics, including a 2006 Gallardo with a twin-turbo kit, a 2012 Aventador, a 2016 Aventador Roadster Pirelli Edition, the Urus, and his famous Murcielago 40th Anniversary.



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