Bugatti Chiron Gets “Stolen”, Wrapped in Pink and Chrome Just Like Stradman’s Veyron

Over the past couple of weeks, both The Hamilton Collection and Stradman have been collaborating on different YouTube videos. And it was only a matter of time before this degenerated into childish but well-executed pranks. You guys all know about Stradman’s famous pink and chrome Veyron? Well, he apparently stole the newer, more expensive Bugatti Chiron from Hamilton and had it wrapped the same way.

It sounds like a simple story, but there’s a lot of deep personal meaning behind it. The Chiron is one of Steadman’s weirder acquisitions. He’s got a great collection of supercars and now also an amazing house to store them all in. So why does he have a much older hypercar?

Well, the answer may surprise you. Back in the early days of YouTube car spotting, young James Lucas Condon (that’s his name) decided to move to Beverly Hills and live out of his tiny Audi TT, standing on Rodeo Drive all day filming cars. And every evening, he’d go to the local Mcdonald’s to upload videos using their free Wi-Fi. A tough grind that you have to respect.

His big breakthrough came while a Bugatti event at Sun Valley. A Chiron hit 246 miles per hour on a public road (not open), and the video went viral. So he decided to buy one of the cars which participated in that event.

On the other hand, The Hamilton Collection has even more expensive exotics, but their story isn’t as touching. Steve Hamilton is the founder of one of America’s biggest wheel and tire distributors. It’s reported that he has about 30 vehicles right now, worth a combined $20 million, and the Chiron is his favorite. The collector sees this Bugatti as a timeless speed machine, comfortable yet blisteringly fast thanks to its 1500 horsepower.

Well… it’s not going to look timeless with a chrome wrap

I remember how chrome wraps took over the car spotting scene about a decade ago. They were all over the place: Vegas, Paris, Monaco, and especially Dubai. Nowadays, it’s seen as bad taste to have your car chromed, which is what makes this stunt funny.

Bugatti finished this $3.2 million exotic in metallic black with blue accents, a subtle combo. But Stradman had it shipped all around the country and, with the help of a Hamilton Collection insider, got the Chiron wrapped in pink and chrome just like his Veyron. He even dropped hints on Steve that this was going to happen, and honestly, the car looks good.

The wrap is probably worth at least $10,000. Expensive for a prank, but not compared to what the car is worth. It would be funny if this Chiron somehow becomes “the chrome pink.”



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